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Today we are sharing the release of WICKED BEAST, the second book in the Wicked Ever After series by Nazarea Andrews! This is an erotic, fairy-tale novella series! Get it now for just .99 cents!

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It’s the dirtiest fairy tale of all…. Charm. Beast. Wolf. Everyone in the Kingdom–an exclusive, decadent BDSM club–knows the three friends and business partners. But no one has ever gotten close enough to touch them. Sex is easy, even when it hurts. It’s all any of them wanted. Love is off the table. Love is the thing none of them ever saw coming. In the Kingdom, control is everything. Who wields it and who surrenders. But some things even they can’t control. Welcome to the Kingdom, where every happily ever after hurts in the most wicked of ways.

  Beast Final

WICKED BEAST by Nazarea Andrews




James “Beast” Lutz isn’t like his friends. He doesn’t crave control the way Charm and Mal do, and he doesn’t play the games Wolf thrives on. He lives on his knees, all of his strength bent to the will of his Domme. He’s never regretted that, until now. Now, when he’s trapped in an arrangement serving a Domme who can’t keep a sub. Now, when he’s not sure how to trust a woman wrapped in mystery and less sure he wants to. But the more he gets to know the Domme everyone knows as Beauty, the more Beast realizes everything he thought he knew was wrong.



WICKED CHARMING (Wicked Ever After, #1)

Wicked Charming finalPURCHASE ON Amazon | Kobo | BN

Blurb: He’s at the top of the world. He’s rich, sought after, and in control. And he’s bored. A string of one-night stands have left Samul Charming increasingly dissatisfied. When his mother pushes him to settle down, his best friends come up with a brilliant plan: Audition the submissives at The Kingdom. The problem is, Charm knows who he wants: the only girl to challenge him, while submitting as naturally as breathing. But he can’t have her. With the entire club watching and his parents expecting him to marry soon, Charm decides to settle. But love in the Kingdom is never simple and it is never painless. And Charm is about to be reminded of that.    

 WICKED WOLF (Coming February 27)

wicked-wolf-finalPRE-ORDER ON AMAZON

Blurb: Charles Wolf Blackwood likes the game. He likes chasing a new girl every week, loves seducing them and earning their trust. He doesn’t like to keep them. Until he meets Scarlet. The chase has never been quite as intoxicating as it is with her, the feisty sub with an innocent streak a mile wide. And for the first time, he wants to keep her, but Scarlet already has a Dom, and Hunter has no intentions of giving her up. Both Wolf and Hunter are in for a surprise when they realize Scarlet doesn’t want one of them. She’s playing to keep them both.  


nazareaandrewsNazarea Andrews (N to almost everyone) is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. Which means she writes everything from zombies and dystopia to contemporary love stories. When not writing, she can most often be found driving her kids to practice and burning dinner while she reads, or binging watching TV shows on Netflix. N loves chocolate, wine, and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, spoiled cat and overgrown dog. She is the author of World Without End series, Neverland Found, Edge of the Falls, and The University of Branton Series. Stop by her twitter (@NazareaAndrews) and tell her what fantastic book she should read next.

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Your Erotic Fantasies Just May Come True In "Wicked Charming"

33780400Title:  Wicked Charming
Series:  (Wicked Ever After #1) 
Author:  Nazarea Andrews
Format:  eARC
Length:  156 pages
Rating:  3.5 Stars

He’s at the top of the world.
He’s rich, sought after, and in control.
And he’s bored.
A string of one-night stands have left Samul Charming increasingly dissatisfied. When his mother pushes him to settle down, his best friends come up with a brilliant plan:
Audition the submissive at The Kingdom.
The problem is, Charm knows who he wants: the only girl to challenge him, while submitting as naturally as breathing.
But he can’t have her.
With the entire club watching and his parents expecting him to settle down, Charm decides to settle.
But love in the Kingdom is never simple and it is never painless.
And Charm is about to be reminded of that.

Celeste is waiting when I pull up. The house is a sprawling mansion in Druid Hills. So this is where Cora calls home. It’s bright and pretty, and a little bit too manicured.
I sigh and shove out of the car.
“You,” Celeste says, stepping out of the house before I reach the door, “look like someone pissed in your cornflakes.”
I grin at her and shrug. “Nothing a pretty girl can’t improve.” She gives me a flat stare that doesn’t match the amusement in her eyes, and I take the second to look her over.
I’ve seen Celeste in uniform, sexy as hell, and I’ve seen her naked in my bed, so goddamn gorgeous it’s almost insane. I’ve never seen her like this.
She’s wearing a pink dress that drapes over one shoulder, leaving the other bare and enticing. The hem of the garment flirts just above her knees, the pleats full, kicking each time she takes a step. Her hair is tamed and flat, pulled up into a sleek ponytail, her eyes dark and grinning at me.
She’s wearing heels. Of course she is. They’re dainty white things that give her four inches of height and she’s still shorter than me, grinning up at me from under her lashes and biting at her lower lip.
She’s gorgeous and I want, pretty damn desperately, to tug her into my car and slide that pretty skirt up and find out what she’s got on under it.
Her smirk fades, and something hungry and knowing fills her gaze as she stares at me. “You’re gonna get me into so much trouble,” she whispers, and I nod once.
Ditto, pet.
I kiss her instead of answering, and she makes a pleased little noise in the back of her throat, her hand coming up to rest on my shoulder.
She doesn’t usually touch me. I don’t usually let her, but then, we aren’t in a scene, tonight, and I’m enjoying this—her lips, the tiny sigh she gives as I lick into her mouth, the way she whines when I nip at her plump lower lip.
She presses forward, and I pull away from her lips just enough to groan. “We’re gonna be late,” I murmur and she nods, leaning forward to press a quick kiss to my throat, and then steps away.
“Then we should go,” she says.
I kiss her again, quick and full of promise, and then step away, a hand at her back to usher her to the waiting car. I don’t ask why she met me outside and she doesn’t volunteer any information. Instead, she checks her lipstick in the mirror, mumbling about smudges before focusing on me.
“Tell me about this thing,” she orders, leaning back against the seat.
“You know Charming Pharmaceuticals?”
She nods.
“My father owns it. My sisters are the CFO and president of operations, respectively, but I’ll inherit it when Dad retires.”
She looks at me, and I can see the questions in her eyes. “And that’s coming soon, isn’t it?”
I glance at her and nod. “Yeah. Mama wants him to retire. The company is doing well, and truthfully, he would have retired years ago, if he had his way.”
“Why didn’t he?”
“Because the heir apparent didn’t want to be the heir apparent.” I give a quick, guilty grin and shrug. “I dunno, running a corporation has never been my life’s goal. I guess I’ve always enjoyed doing my own thing.”
“So why are you going? If you don’t want this.”
“Because I’m Samul Charming, Celeste. I don’t have a choice.”
She frowns, and I reach over, squeezing her knee softly. “So you’re going to meet the Board.”
Celeste reaches down and wraps my fingers with her own, and listens to me as I drive and tell her about the people we’re going to see.

My Thoughts
Samul Charming may be the reigning prince of The Kingdom.  The premier sex club and dungeon owned by he and his brothers.  But his father's impending retirement from his post as president of Charming Pharmaceuticals; threatens to unseat "Charm" from his throne as "the prince of pleasure and punishment".  In favor of an empire of another sort.

But our hero stands as proof that the fact that one's name may be Charming, offers no guarantee that one's life is actually "charmed".
For you see...
Charm is a Dom without a sub.
A prince without a princess.
A man without love.

Until her.

Celeste Queen may only be a bartender in Charm's Kingdom.  Her her lithe body, flashing eyes, and indomitable spirit make her irresistible to the man that no one can seem to resist.
But can the woman that takes center stage in Charms darkest fantasies be all that he needs in the light of day?
Can she reign as princess when her prince takes charge of a boardroom, instead of a bedroom?
Will they ever get the chance to find out?

Nazarea Andrews brings together all of the fantasy of Cinderella to the realm of Erotic Fiction with this, her first offering of the Wicked Ever After series. Readers are given a front row seat in both Charming's dungeon and his dilemma.  A fact which works to engage her audience early, and pique interest in his story.

Making Charming's story all the more appealing is the supporting cast with includes his brothers Mal, Wolf, and Beast.  Each with his own role within The Kingdom, and each with his own set of salacious
A fact which, at times, does more to work against interest in Charming's story.  Most often in the case of "switch" brother Beast.
Though the story and scenes are well written, and the eroticism is very well expressed.  Miss Andrews' attempt to stay true to elements of the fairytale within her own story, such as the ball and Charming's search for Celeste afterward read as forced and out of place.  Given the fact that his knowledge of her person and her whereabouts is established well before hand.

In short.  This book's main issue is the fact that Charming's problems aren't really problems.  At least they wouldn't be if he was truly the Dom in life that he plays at  being at his club.
Instead, he leaves all of his "problems" to be solved by his family, his employees, and even his leading lady?
Way to go there Charm!

This is the first book in a series.
So, there is a lot of room for growth development and sexy fun as the collection progresses.
In addition, at just 156 pages, this quick read is just the quick and light read that today's busy bibliophiles crave.

About Nazarea
Nazarea Andrews Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog.

See Her Socially:  Web / Goodreads / Twitter

 Buy The Book Here!

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PIC Book Tours Presents: The Wages Of Sin Book Blast And Giveaway

The Wages of Sin

Bo Brennan

February 14, 2017 Book Blast


The Wages of Sin by Bo Brennan

What's done in the dark will be brought to the light.

For overworked firefighter Gray Davies, an emergency call-out to the scene of a horrific hit-and-run is all in a day's work . . . until the terrified Asian victim disappears, leaving her blood on his hands and unanswered questions on his lips.
For his sister, Detective India Kane, it's an added complication in a far more sinister crime - a series of brutal murders the missing hit-and-run victim could hold the key to solving. With a mutilated corpse on her patch, and the dead woman's identity shrouded in secrecy, India's set on a collision course with a deadly, unknown enemy.
Her lover, Detective Chief Inspector AJ Colt, is well acquainted with the enemy - courtesy of a divisive high-profile case, he's currently public enemy #1. As cultures clash, simmering tensions explode, bringing terror and bloodshed to the streets, and placing Colt firmly in the sights of some of the country's most dangerous and deranged individuals.
When one of them brings their work home, nothing will ever be the same again - for the wages of sin . . . is death.

Book Details:

Genre: Crime Thriller, Police Procedural
Published by: Bo Brennan
Publication Date: January 14th 2017
Number of Pages: 422
Series: A Detective India Kane & AJ Colt Crime Thriller
Purchase Links: Amazon  | Goodreads 

The Wages of Sin by Bo Brennan is ONLY $0.99 through February 19th

Read an excerpt:

Monday, 5th March
Her vision blurred as her gloved hands fumbled with the combination lock securing her bike. She swiped at her eyes, kidding herself it was the brightness of the morning making them run.
It wasn’t, it was self-pity.
She didn’t want to go back there, not today. The constant drunken comings and goings were becoming increasingly unnerving as more workers arrived. Naz had sympathised, but she couldn’t help. Couldn’t make it better, easier, or safer. With property prices high and funds low, she knew she should be grateful for a job and a home, but today she was struggling. Today she wanted more.
She wanted a life.
She wasn’t sure she could stand this one. Her breath caught in her throat as the emptiness and isolation she faced overwhelmed her.
The first one is the worst one,” Naz had said, hugging her as she tied the knitted scarf around her neck. “Be brave.”
She wanted to be brave, as brave as Naz, but she felt weak and lonely and lost. Discreetly dabbing her eyes with her new scarf, she took a furtive glance back at the building. Naz stood at the window, watching her. With a half-hearted smile, she dropped her backpack at her feet to fasten her bicycle helmet. Naz smiled back and pressed a hand to the glass. In the time it took to pick up her backpack and hook it over her shoulders, Naz had gone.
With a heavy, resigned sigh, she pushed her bike down the long shingle drive to the entrance gates. Once outside she propped the bike against the kerb and cautiously glanced up and down the quiet tree-lined avenue – almost jumped out of her skin when a car door slammed somewhere up ahead. Seeing a blue light poking up from the row of parked cars, she pressed herself into the shadow of a tall oak tree, heart stuttering in her chest.
Her eyes followed the police officer as he strolled across the road and let himself into a house.
he didn’t know a police officer lived there. She didn’t know she’d been holding her breath either, until it juddered from her body when the door shut behind him.
Hands trembling, she drew a deep, steadying breath, mounted her bike and set out for the short journey home.
Home. Memories stabbed at her heart and stung at her eyes.
She shook them away as she cycled onto the main road and into the safety of the crowded morning traffic, feeling her shoulders finally relax. Relaxation was dangerous. Naz said it would get her killed. The words echoed in her head, causing her body to tighten once more. Gritting her teeth, she pedalled harder. Kept her head down as she passed the last of the picturesque shop fronts adorned with nice things she’d never own, and concealing aisles she’d never browse. She hated this life. Wished so much that she could go back, back to before she knew. But now that she did know, back wasn’t an option. Her only option was forward. Her only option was to run.
At first, the angry chorus of blaring horns seemed normal background noise, the same as every Monday morning approaching the Winchester bottleneck. It was the sound of a high revving engine that had her glancing over her shoulder to glimpse a white van pushing aggressively through the traffic. Her mouth went dry.
A white van. There were probably millions of them, billions even.
It was probably nothing, just the bog standard enemy of regular road users trying to get ahead, but she never knew when or where they would come for her. And she knew what they’d done. Knew what they were capable of.
As a precaution, she bumped her bike out of the bus lane and onto the pavement, meandering slowly and carefully, wary of the pedestrians heading her way. Behind her she heard the prolonged guttural torque of an engine racing at breaking point. A split second later, a single heartbeat, her world span upside down in a silent slow motion strobe of black and white as she rotated endlessly past trees filtering sunlight.
This is it, she thought, spinning through the air. This is The End.
It wasn’t how she’d imagined it to be. And she’d imagined it a million times. Thought it would be painful. They’d promised it would be painful. They’d given her every graphic gory detail of how her end would be.
But it was nothing like they’d promised.
A serene sense of calm engulfed her as she closed her eyes and accepted her fate, her everlasting freedom.
Excerpt from The Wages of Sin by Bo Brennan. Copyright © 2017 by Bo Brennan. Reproduced with permission from Bo Brennan. All rights reserved.

Author Bio:

Bo Brennan is a 'Crime Thriller' writer who has lived and worked in various locations. None were exotic.
Bo's favourite past times are reading, writing, and eating. Unfortunately, the three combined do nothing for the waistline so moving about occasionally is a must.
Bo's debut novel, STEALING POWER, is the first in a series of chilling crime thrillers featuring British Detectives India Kane and AJ Colt.
BABY SNATCHERS is the second.
THE WAGES OF SIN is the third.
Bo’s books can be read in sequence or independently . . . but are probably best read with the lights on.

Catch Up With Bo on Goodreads, Twitter , & Facebook !



This is a rafflecopter giveaway hosted by Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours for Bo Brennan. There will be 5 winners of one (1) eBook copy of The Wages of Sin by Bo Brennan. The giveaway begins on February 12th and runs through February 22nd, 2017.

Get More Great Reads at Partners In Crime Virtual Book Tours


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InkSlinger PR Presents: Riveted Launch Day Blitz and Giveaway

RIVETED - header banner    

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Marked Men books comes the next installment in the Saints of Denver series.

    Riveted - cover

Everyone else in Dixie Carmichael’s life has made falling in love look easy, and now she is ready for her own chance at some of that happily ever after. Which means she’s done pining for the moody, silent former soldier who works with her at the bar that’s become her home away from home. Nope. No more chasing the hot as heck thundercloud of a man and no more waiting for Mr. Right to find her; she’s going hunting for him...even if she knows her heart is stuck on its stupid infatuation with Dash Churchill.

Denver has always been just a pit stop for Church on his way back to rural Mississippi. It was supposed to be simple, uneventful, but nothing could have prepared him for the bubbly, bouncy redhead with doe eyes and endless curves. Now he knows it’s time to get out of Denver, fast. For a man used to living in the shadows, the idea of spending his days in the sun is nothing short of terrifying. When Dixie and Church find themselves caught up in a homecoming overshadowed with lies and danger, Dixie realizes that while falling in love is easy, loving takes a whole lot more work…especially when Mr. Right thinks he’s all wrong for you.  

Amazon | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Google

  RIVETED - RDL teaser  





She kissed me.

Her lips touched mine and she destroyed me. This tiny ray of light that seemed determined to chase the darkness inside of me away unraveled me with nothing more than the brush of her very soft lips against mine.

I should’ve pulled away, either that or gone all in. The attraction between us was only going to end one way, with me inside of her as we scorched through one another, so a real kiss with tongues and teeth and grabbing hands was inevitable, especially if she was holding the door wide open in invitation. I was already struggling with the friend thing and this wasn’t helping at all. I stood there, holding her, feeling her as she rubbed her mouth over mine, the barest hint of pressure as she took a taste, as she feathered her lips against mine like she was trying to memorize the shape, the feel, the flavor of them. It was the singularly softest touch I’d ever experienced and yet it had the power to make my knees weak and my blood pop with a desire so sharp it felt like it could pierce right through my skin.

Her hand cradled my jaw, her fingers shaking with some of the same things I was feeling. This thing that lived between us was hungry and tired of being ignored. It buzzed around us, electric and hot, refusing to be cooled by the chill in the night air that surrounded us. If we weren’t careful the passion that was hungry and needy between us would consume us, devour us, and leave us nothing more than hollow husks filled with fading satisfaction and jagged disenchantment because no matter how good we were together it couldn’t and wouldn’t last. I didn’t want any part of me to be responsible for burning her out. I liked that her light chased my shadows away and that meant I wasn’t going to have any kind of hand in dimming her internal glow.

Her breasts pressed into the center of my chest as she leaned more fully into me and I could feel the pointed peaks of her nipples stab into my skin. The sensation made my dick twitch behind my zipper and had all the available blood that was still above my belt rushing south. I’d always liked the way Dixie was built. She was on the shorter side, but every single part of her small frame was curved and lush. She looked like a woman that you could grab ahold of without having to watch yourself. She was delicate but in no way did she come across as fragile or breakable. She looked like she could take everything I had to give her, all the pent-up longing, all the nights of frustration I spent hard and alone, all the denied hunger that made me want to eat her up and then go back for seconds and thirds because I knew there was no way I was going to have my fill of her honeyed lips and velvety skin in one go.

There was so much of her to experience, and I wanted to know what all of it felt like, tasted like, sounded like. I wanted to watch her come from every possible position I could get her in, and then I wanted to find some new ones, ones no man had ever had her in before, and watch her come in those, too. Because I knew once I got her she would let me have her in ways she hadn’t let anyone else. Her eyes, so pretty and dark, made me all kids of promises, and I wanted to take her up on every single one of them. But there wasn’t anything I could promise in return, and that always kept me from crossing the invisible line.

She ran the tip of her nose along the edge of my jaw and that little nuzzle made my entire body shudder. She had the ability to bring down all the walls I’d so carefully built up around us in order to keep both of us safe. She didn’t have any clue the kind of damage I could do if I ignored all the warning bells ringing loudly in the back of my mind. I knew the ways in which I could wreck the women in my life that I cared about and there was no way on God’s green and often unforgiving Earth that I would subject her to that. I barely survived the loss of the last woman I loved. I knew if I let Dixie sneak her way inside my heart and something happened to her there would be nothing left of me. There wouldn’t be anyplace left for me to run.

Jay Crownover - headshot    About Jay Crownover: Jay Crownover is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men, The Point, and the Saints of Denver series. Like her characters, she is a big fan of tattoos. She loves music and wishes she could be a rock star, but since she has no aptitude for singing or instrument playing, she'll settle for writing stories with interesting characters that make the reader feel something. She lives in Colorado with her three dogs.      

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Look No Further Than "My Brown-Eyed Earl" For Heart-Stopping Romance Filled With Clever Quirk


William Ryder, Earl of Castleton, is at the end of his noble rope. Not only has he broken ties with his longtime mistress, his mother has publicly announced her wish for him to marry a suitable young lady―if only to help him raise the twins left in his care. Hiring a governess should solve some of Will’s problems…but when he meets the candidate in question, he finds himself in an entirely new predicament.


Miss Margaret Lacey is brainy, beautiful, and, once upon a time, Will’s betrothed. But she bowed out of the engagement―and, since then, has never been the same. A tragic accident robbed her of everything, and now, at age twenty-three, her marital prospects are slim to none. Penniless but not without pride, Meg convinces the vexingly handsome Will to hire her for the job. What neither of them could have expected from this arrangement, however, is an attraction that burns stronger than ever. Are these two lost souls finally ready to be schooled in the art of love?

Chapter ONE
London, May 1817
Miss Margaret Lacey—Meg, to her family and friends—had the odd but unshakable feeling that the next half hour could alter the course of her life. Forever.
Which was just as well, because heaven knew that she and her sisters couldn’t remain on their current paths—not if they wished to keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies.
“Trust me, Meg. You’re perfect for this position.” Her friend Charlotte linked an arm through Meg’s and bustled her down the street toward a row of elegant Mayfair townhouses.
“Perfect is a bit of a stretch.” Meg had hoped to find work as a companion to an aging dowager, fetching fans and lemonade. Elderly people, she understood. Persons under the age of twelve were another matter entirely. “Shouldn’t a governess have a way with children?”
“You’ve two younger sisters,” Charlotte said.
“They’re only a few years younger, and the only useful thing I’ve taught them is how to ignore insults from puffed-up debutantes.”
“Nonsense. You’re kind, intelligent, and patient. I’ve no doubt you can manage a pair of six-year old girls.” Charlotte stopped and faced Meg. “Show me your best governess expression.”
Meg glanced sideways at her friend and gave her an encouraging sort of smile.
“That will never do.”
“Why not?”
Charlotte sighed. “The look is your primary weapon.”
“Weapon? You said they were six.”
“Suppose the twins complain about doing their sums. A good governess does not deign to argue with her charges. She simply gives them the look. Now, let’s see it.”
“Very well.” Meg did her best to imitate the withering, mildly disdainful expression that had seemed etched onto her own governess’s face.
Charlotte grimaced and bit her bottom lip.
Oh dear. “They’re not going to do their sums, are they?”
“Heavens no. They’ll think you’ve eaten a bad kipper.” Charlotte took her arm, pulling her along once more. “Never mind—we shall work on that. But I can assure you that you are qualified. Honestly, Meg,” she added with a warm smile, “any child would be lucky to have you as a governess.”
Meg swallowed. She liked children, truly she did, in spite of their tendency to be terrifyingly unpredictable. “Let us hope I can convince my potential employers.”
And convince them she must. Dear Uncle Alistair would never admit it, but Meg and her sisters had been a tremendous burden on him and his dwindling fortune. He’d generously taken them in after the unexpected and tragic deaths of her parents eight years ago. But now she was twenty-three, old enough to venture out on her own—and to try to save Uncle Alistair from debtor’s prison

My Thoughts
There has never been a man placed between so many rocks and so many hard places in such a short time-span
1.  His mother is demanding that he marry before HER birthday.
2.  His cousin dies, leaving him guardianship of 6-year old twin girls.
3.  He has given his longtime mistress the boot.  In favor of another woman.
4.  He has fallen hard and fast for the beautiful and spirited governess that HE hired to instruct the twins.
5. Said governess is also the childhood crush who spurned a betrothal orchestrated by their parents.
6.  She, Miss Margaret Lacey, is also...the only woman that he, William Ryder could ever love.

Authoress, Anna Bennett, brings a fresh fire, brash banter, and even a bit of wit and whimsy to Regency Romance.  In this, the first offering in her Wayward Wallflower series.
Leading lady, Margaret Lacey makes quite the splash.  As a downtrodden debutante, and the eldest of the "Wilting Wallflowers".  Miss Lacey is a woman determined to do whatever she can to reverse the fortunes of herself, her sisters, and her eccentric yet lovable uncle Alistaire, The Viscount Wiltmore.
Even if "whatever" means putting herself in the employ of the one man that she once vowed she would...
     "Sooner shave her head and enter the convent than marry."  

But you know what they say about beggars being choosers, and with the threat of debtor's prison becoming more of a possibility for her uncle with each day that passes.  Margaret Lacey understands that while she may object to marrying The Earl of Castleton, her family's coin poor coffers will be quite welcoming of his money.

William Ryder may be all grown up, able to summon the best and brightest beauties of the ton to his bed with nothing more than a look.  But he never forgot her.  The young, coltish, and free spirited young girl, whom he longed to see every time his father's temperamental tirade would drive him out of the house.
Now...after all this time.  She's here and she needs him.  More to the point however, he and the twins need her.  In their lives.  In their hearts. In their world.

My Brown-Eyed Earl is a story brimming with dilemma, heart, and a ferocity of spirit that makes the story and its characters come more alive for readers with every turn of the page.  Though both the tale's leading man and lady circulate within social spheres of immense wealth and privilege; they are possessed of a grit, and drive to live life on their own terms, that readers cant help championing. 

Further sweetening the ever simmering plot pot.  Their tragedy laden past ties, and the equally emotional bonds of their shared concerns for the futures of Will's young twin charges serves to provide a solid emotional playing-field for the two.  A playing-field which quickly morphs into a minefield, when weapons of the heart come to bear.

It is those weapons of the heart and the heat of the passionate fight, which serves to make this nearly perfect tale of love complete.  With both of adult hearts open to the precocious, but unadulterated adoration that Valerie and Diana provide.  It is only fitting that the shared desire that they share for each other be brought to the shine in its own right.

In short.  If you love your ladies smart and full of snark.  Your men soulful and strong.
your happily
Look no further than
My Brown-Eyed Earl     

About Anna
Anna  Bennett
Anna Bennett started swiping romances from her mom’s bookshelf as a teenager and decided historicals (with their balls, dukes, and gowns) were the best. So, when she had the chance to spend a semester in London she packed her bags—and promptly fell in love with the city, its history, and its pubs. She dreamed of writing romance, but somehow ended up a software analyst instead.

Fortunately, a few years and a few careers later, Anna found her way back to writing the stories she loves and won the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart® for Regency Historical Romance. She lives in Maryland with her husband and three children, who try valiantly not to roll their eyes whenever she quotes Jane Austen. Her weaknesses include reality TV, cute shoes, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Sign up for Anna's newsletter here!

See Her Socially:  Goodreads / Twitter / Web / Facebook

Buy The Book Here!

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Get Ready For Hot Shifter Action...And Even Steamier Romance With "Ice Wolf"

33596038 Title:  Ice Wolf
Series:  Arctic Brotherhood #1
Author:  Jane Goodman
Review Format: eARC
Release Date:  March 7th, 2017
Publisher:  Swerve
Rating: 5 Stars

They are the Arctic Brotherhood.They are deadly fighters, fierce protectors and loyal mates.

Elliott Wilder is a mild mannered Alaskan college professor. Wilder craves the things most people find boring. Seclusion. Monotony. Anonymity. But what Wilder craves most of all is the thing he can’t have… memory loss. Four hundred years ago, Wilder and the other members of the Arctic Brotherhood were captured and tortured by the leader of the Siberian werewolves. Wilder is still haunted by memories of that night, when he wasn’t able to protect his leader.

Now the Siberian wolf is on the loose and seeking revenge. Not only must Wilder lead the brotherhood, he must fight the attraction he feels toward its newest recruit, Jenny Piper. Jenny offers Wilder a glimpse of the life he can’t have. As the brotherhood races against time to save humanity from the horror their enemies unleashed on the world, Wilder must reach inside himself to find the leader the brotherhood needs and the mate Jenny craves.

 Image may contain: 1 person, text 

Elliot Wilder is part of an ancient and noble race.  A unique and exquisite breed of Arctic Wolf shape-shifter, bred to live, love, fight, and die in the land of the Midnight Sun.  Moreover, Wilder is one of seven chosen, groomed and sworn to protect and defend his people as part of the elite Arctic Brotherhood.

But Wilder is a man haunted by his time in battle.  A man content to spend his days hunting through academic texts and chasing wayward students, in his new role as Professor Of Arctic Anthropology at the University Of Alaska.  A man determined to stay as far away from the battles of his past, as time and distance will allow.
Unfortunately, he will soon learn that no distance is great enough.  No amount of time long enough when a ancient nemesis, who he was sure would remain the stuff of nightmares, makes himself and his thirst for revenge known in an extremely tangible way.

As if simply being summoned to settle a 400 year old grudge match while ensuring the safety of the world is not enough.  Things become very personal when the leader of the Arctic Brotherhood, and the man whose life Wilder saved during the last battle, Gunnar, just happens to be the one doing the summoning.

But wait,  there's more!
Yes.  There is more!
This more comes in the form of a certain female Arctic wolf, Jenny. Who not only manages to make herself an invaluable part of the Brotherhood.  But who also becomes a most important part of Wilder's life.

This first book in the Arctic Brotherhood series offers readers a new and fantastical branch of the wolf shifter sub-genre.  Bringing together all of the familiar passion, warfare, and edge of your seat action that Urban Fantasy/Contemporary Paranormal Romance is known for; with the very specific compliment of Norse mythos and lore.  The result being a complete and solid foundation for a limitless new shifterverse.

Making this first story all the more enjoyable is the perfect balance that authoress, Jane Goodman, manages to achieve between action, character development/interaction, setting, and the all important romantic entanglement.   Ms. Goodman is very careful to blend all of these most important elements seamlessly.  While still managing to maintain a relatability between her characters and her audience that makes this book a joy to read.

Ice Wolf is nothing short of AMAZING!!!!

If you like your characters ALPHA!
Your action AWESOME!
Your setting ALL WINTER!

You will adore all of ICE WOLF!

*Reviewer's Note:  Ice Wolf is the first book in a related companion series which may be read individually, or as part of its intended series.

Jane GodmanJane Godman writes paranormal romance for Harlequin Nocturne and SMP Swerve, thrillers for Harlequin Romantic Suspense, and steamy historical romance for Samhain Publishing.
Jane also writes erotic romance as Amanda Stewart.

See Her Socially:
Twitter: @JaneGodman

Buy The Book Here!

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InkSlinger PR Presents: TITAN WORLD'S Edge Of Temptation


We're so excited to host a day on the blog tour for TITAN WORLD, featuring Cristin Harber and ten authors writing in Cristin Harber's Titan world. The book being featured today is EDGE OF TEMPTATION by Gennita Low! Check out an excerpt below.

Did you miss what Titan World is all about? Read the announcement here!

About EDGE OF TEMPTATION by Gennita Low

edgeoftemptation-coverFrom New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and New York Times, USA Today best-selling author Gennita Low comes an exciting collaboration… Walker, Titan's newest recruit, has been sent to rescue Nadine Kincaid, DARPA's scientist working on a special state-of-the-art exoskeleton for COS Command's Super Soldier Spy Project. Instead, the tied-up Nadine turned out to be Nadia, Nadine's twin sister, who has been protecting her sister all along. Now the two of them have to work together to keep the newest exoskeleton blueprints out of the enemy's hands.
Get your hands on EDGE OF TEMPTATION and all of the Titan World books now!


Read an Excerpt

Rule #1. Never call your new boss in the middle of his sort of second honeymoon. To his credit, his new boss, Jared Westin, picked up at the first ring. “You realize you’re calling in between baby time. Which means, you’re calling during my time with my wife. This better be good, Walker, or I’m docking your pay.” Walker heard Sugar in the background, “And he has to do babysitting duties when he gets back. Rookie.” He shuddered at the thought. He knew he shouldn’t have called. “Umm, Bossman, do scientists wear fuck-me tight white leather to work?” He eyed his charge from the car. That could not be Nadine Kincaid. The woman turned in his direction and he had a good look. Yup, that was definitely her, in a tight leather get-up burning a hole in his eyeballs, carrying her usual work briefcase. “Is this a trick question?” Jared asked. “Because I’m not an expert in leather clothes. Sugar is, though....Baby Cakes, he wants to know whether scientists wear fuck-me tight white leather to work.” Walker sighed. “Don’t give me a hard time, Bossman. Something’s wrong. She’s wearing leather.” He watched her walk past, in her usual path, but holy hell, that walk. He muttered, “She’s wearing fuck-me high heels too.” That sashay of a walk was a slow prowl. She bent to pick something up, her leather-encased ass in perfect view. That slow burn in his eyeballs was making a direct heat blast down to lower regions. “Fuck-me high heels,” his boss repeated. He sounded amused. “Did we hire you for fashion analysis, Rookie?” Sugar’s voice came through loud and clear now. Either Jared handed her the phone or she snatched it from him. “What do you have against fuck-me leather, anyway? I wear leather.” He did not want to get into a fight with Sugar Westin, especially about leather outfits. That woman wore it like armor. Rule #2. Never discuss the clothes a woman wears with her. He cleared his throat. “Nothing, but the target is wearing something she hasn’t worn to work in the last five days I’ve had her under surveillance,” Walker replied. “I called to tell Jared that something’s up.” He gritted his teeth. Wait for it. Wait for it. “Jared, our boy here said, while looking at our scientist in fuck-me leather, something’s up.”  
  .My Thoughts
Edge Of Temptation is one of the more Titan World adjacent books of this collection.  With its opening scene showcasing both Jared Westen and the irrepressible and oh so readable "Sugar".
The "so hot but so loving"  interplay between these two alpha powerhouses works to set a smart and sexy tone, that carries through to Walker's interactions with Nadine.
Speaking of which, these two together are so much fun.  The fun and witty things that come out of these two people's mouths.
Then there are the plot twists!
It is so hard not to tell you the story!
Ms. Low is a master at creating unforgettable moments within her reads.  Little snippets of time which stand out in vivid contrast to what is going on around them.
 Making things all the more interesting for readers is the fact that this series blends characters from Titan World and Low's S.A.S.S. series.
This only serves to make the experience all the richer.
The only detraction my time in this world was much too short.
This novella is the perfect blend of action, sex, suspense, and sass.
A story designed to take readers to the Edge Of Temptation...and beyond.

About Gennita Low

Gennita Low writes sexy military and techno spy-fi romance. She also co-owns a roof construction business and knows 600 ways to kill with roofing tools as well as yell at her workers in five languages. A three-time Golden Heart finalist, her first book, Into Danger, about a SEAL out-of-water, won the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for Best Romantic Intrigue. Besides her love for SEALs, she works with an Airborne Ranger who taught her all about mental toughness and physical endurance. Gennita lives in Florida with her mutant poms and one chubby squirrel.

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Tasty Book Tours Presents: At Close Range

29430839New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin “delivers the goods” (Publishers Weekly) again with the eleventh title in the gritty, heart-pounding Tracers series.
When a lakeside tryst ends in a double murder, police detective Daniele Harper arrives on the scene determined to get answers. Clues are everywhere, but nothing adds up. Dani turns to the Delphi Center crime lab for help, but soon regrets it when her secret attraction to their chief firearms examiner threatens to distract her from the most important case of her career.
As a ballistics expert and former Navy SEAL, Scott Black knows firearms, and he knows he can help Dani unravel her case. Scott has managed to hide his interest in his best friend’s younger sister for years, but when her investigation brings them together, the sparks between them quickly get out of control. Scott resolves to keep his hands off Dani and his eyes on the goal—identifying a killer. But when that killer zeroes in on Dani, all bets are off. There isn’t a line Scott won’t cross to convince Dani to trust him so that he can help her take down a ruthless murderer who has her in his sights.




Dani watched him. Scott stood beside the car, his back to the victim as he skimmed his flashlight over the ground. The firearms expert was tall and broad-shouldered, with the super-ripped body of a former Navy SEAL. Instead of his usual tactical pants and combat boots, he wore jeans and a leather jacket tonight, so maybe he’d been out when he’d gotten the call. Dani knew from experience that his jacket had nothing to do with the weather and everything to do with the Sig Sauer he carried concealed at his hip.
Something glinted in the grass, and Scott crouched down to tag it with a numbered marker. Two minutes on the scene and already he’d discovered a piece of evidence. He stood and squared his shoulders, and Dani felt a pang deep inside her as he approached.
He stopped and towered over her, and for a moment they just stared at each other.
“Was the passenger door closed when you got here?” he asked.
“That’s right.”
“Where’s the girl?”
“No sign of her.” She nodded at the woods. “One of our officers is searching near the lake with Travis.”
He watched her for a moment with those cool blue eyes. His gaze shifted to the woods. “You need a K-9 team.”
She bristled. “I know.”
He strode over to his truck and opened the toolbox again. He took out a metal detector, which would help him locate shell casings or bullets, and maybe even the second victim if she was wearing jewelry or a belt.
Then again, the killer might have taken her somewhere else. Dani glanced back at the road and got a queasy feeling in her stomach. Where was she? She turned her attention to the lake, visible just beyond the trees. It was a scenic spot, usually–a tranquil little oasis for couples. But not tonight.
She glanced at Scott again, and he was watching her closely–so closely it made her wonder what he was thinking.
“You coming?” he asked.
She nodded at the body. “I’ll stay with him until the ME shows.”
Scott walked off, and Dani let her gaze follow him until he disappeared into the woods.
The medical examiner’s van rolled up, followed closely by Ric, and Dani’s stomach tightened as she thought of everything she didn’t like about this case. And it wasn’t even an hour old yet.
Ric walked over, his expression grim as he took in the scene. “The media has it.”
“That didn’t take long.”
“It was all over the scanner,” he told her. “I give us ten minutes, tops, before they roll in here with their cameras. We need to barricade the road.”
She turned toward the sound of Scott’s deep voice calling her from the woods. He was a tall silhouette at the edge of the trees, and from his tone Dani knew it was bad.
“What is it?” she yelled back.
“I found her.”
** Copyright 2017 by Laura Griffin

At Close Range by Laura Griffin Excerpt Reveal

My Thoughts
Laura Griffin's 11th offering in the Tracer's series continues a franchise that has come to exemplify the best that the Romantic Suspense genre has to offer.
In fact, At Close Range offers such an engrossing story line, that it is very easy to forget that there are 10 previous books in this series.

Daniele Harper is doing her best to solve the mystery of the lover's tryst turned double homicide that has landed rather unceremoniously in her lap.  But the fact that her long-time crush, ballistics expert, and former Navy SEAL, Scott Black, just happens to be her second on the case.  Is leaving her with a lot more questions than answers in her effort to solve the puzzle that their undeniable attraction now presents in her personal life.

Reading At Close Range is like watching one's favorite CSI show, with just the right amount of romantic steam.
Laura Griffin once again shows herself to be a storytelling Svengali.  Able to simultaneously ramp up levels of complexity on both dramatic and emotional fronts.  While still managing not to muddy the procedural aspects of the plot with the personal.

What we are presented with in this volume is a story within a story, that comes together in a spectacular end.
Along the way the alpha interaction between Scott and Dani only intensifies as the novel progresses on both personal and professional levels.
In short, At Close Range is a book that readers can't help diving into.

Laura GriffinAbout Laura Griffin

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author LAURA GRIFFIN started her career in journalism before venturing into the world of romantic suspense. She is a two-time RITA Award winner (for the books Scorched and Whisper of Warning) as well as the recipient of the Daphne du Maurier Award (for Untraceable). Laura currently lives in Austin, where she is working on her next book.

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InkSlinger PR Presents: Accidentally On Purpose + Giveaway

Accidentally On Purpose- Tour banner    

From New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis comes the next sexy, standalone novel in the Heartbreaker Bay series…



There’s no such thing as a little in love . . .

Elle Wheaton’s priorities: friends, career, and kick-ass shoes. Then there’s the muscular wall of stubbornness that’s security expert Archer Hunt—who comes before everything else. No point in telling Mr. “Feels-Free Zone” that, though. Elle will just see other men until she gets over Archer . . . which should only take a lifetime . . .

There’s no such thing as a little in lust . . .

Archer’s wanted the best for Elle ever since he sacrificed his law-enforcement career to save her. Their chemistry could start the next San Francisco earthquake and he craves her 24/7, but Archer doesn’t want to be responsible for the damage. The alternative? Watch her go out with guys who aren’t him . . .

There is such a thing as . . .

As far as Archer’s concerned, nobody is good enough for Elle. But when he sets out to prove it by sabotaging her dates, she gets mad—and things get hot as hell. Now Archer has a new mission: prove to Elle that her perfect man has been here all along . . .


ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE in ebook or paperback, releasing today!

Amazon | iBooks | Kobo| Barnes & Noble

    Accidentally On Purpose- Tour Teaser 1    

Add to your Goodreads


    Elle made a move to snatch the knife from Archer’s fingers but the bastard held firm. She started a tug-of-war with him before remembering that she no longer let anyone see her sweat and forced herself to go still.
    Not that Archer let go. “You still have it,” he said, a whisper of surprise in his voice.
    The equivalent of a full-on double take from the man who was all but impossible to shock.
    And yes, of course she still had the knife. Did he really think she wouldn’t? She didn’t blush very often but she felt heat rush to her face now. Regret, partly.
    Mostly full-blown mortification.
    She’d very carefully taught herself to be strong and confident and to never look back.
    Sentimentality didn’t have a place in her life. Or so she told herself. So why then had she been carrying the small packet knife Archer had given her the night he’d saved her all those years ago? Especially since the thought of how she’d tried to repay him—and God, the humility of how she’d actually offered him the only thing she’d had, that being her body, which he’d turned down flat—still made her face flame. The worst part had been when he’d vanished like it’d been nothing to him, when to her it’d been everything.
    She might not know why he’d done what he had but she still wasn’t leaving here without that knife. It was a badge. A reminder of who she’d been and who she was now.
    Neither of them had moved. Around them the night life in the pub went on. Laughter, conversations, more dancing…all oblivious to this tight, little cocoon of just the two of them crouched in front of the bar. They might as well have been completely alone for all the attention anyone paid them.
    Balanced with apparent ease on the balls of his feet, Archer leaned in even closer if that was possible, close enough that his knees touched hers. Close enough that she could see every single gold spec in his hazel eyes. Every single black-as-ink eyelash framing those eyes. He was hours past a five o’clock shadow and a muscle ticked in his square jaw.
    A rare tell from a man who could be a stone when he wanted.
    The rest of him was as big and bad and intimidating as ever. His large body blocked out everything behind him and although he could be terrifyingly scary when he wanted to be, he never was with her. With her he was careful. Cautious.
    And she hated that most of all.
    This time when she tried to tug the knife from his long fingers, he let her. Rising, she stared down at him. “We done here?”
    He rose to his feet too. And just looked at her.
    “Well?” she asked.
    “We’re never done,” he said.
My Thoughts
Those of you who follow WTF Are You Reading? know that this is the place for comprehensive and most importantly objective literary reviews.
But after reading Accidentally On Purpose, by Jill Shalvis,
this reviewer was so taken with the raw emotionality of the story; that objectivity was never an option.

Reading the details of Archer and Elle's shared past, and how said past lead to 
the futures that they now have.
One couldn't help wanting the two to be as personally involved in each other's lives as they are professionally.
Seeing how far Elle manages to advance over the years,
both on her own and with Archer's help,
goes a long way in proving just how deeply his feelings run for her.

When the fiery personalities and alpha mentalities common to both of these
powerful people come into play.
The result is nothing less than 

This installment of the Heartbreaker Bay series shows a more emotionally complex side
of the often whimsical series.
Letting reader's know in no uncertain terms that Ms. Shalvis is just as adept in her navigation of the deeper and choppier waters of love, 
as she is when frolicking in the sun kissed shallows.
Accidentally On Purpose is that perfect tale of love being so much closer than you think!

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    Heartbreaker Bay graphic

And don’t miss the previous books in Jill Shalvis’s Heartbreaker Bay Series, SWEET LITTLE LIES, THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE and ONE SNOWY NIGHT, now available! Grab your copies HERE!


jill-shalvis-headshot      About Jill Shalvis: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters. Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is, um, mostly coincidental. Look for Jill’s sexy contemporary and award-winning books wherever romances are sold and click on the blog button above for a complete book list and daily blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.      

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