Gotta Love Those Fins

Title:  Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings
Author:  Helene Boudreau
Age Level:  Mid-grade
Rating:  4 of 5 Stars
This was a really sweet coming of age story with fins! I was really happy when I saw this book on the shelves at the library. I thought, "Yay, a mer-story." This tale didn't let me down.
It seems that Jade gets the perfect tank-kini, her first period, and her first fins on the same day. PRICLESS!
Don't worry...things do get better. Jade finds and rescues her mer-mother from her freshwater prison. Mom and dad reunite sorta after Dad realizes that she did not drown in the lake as was believed. Jade finds out that the cute boy that she like not only likes her, but also know that she is a mer and is one himself. (Eat your heart out Ariel!)
I just hope that the two of them can manage to stay out of her best friend's saltwater pool until the next book

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