Sweep II: The Coven

Cal, now Morgan's boyfriend, helps her accept the truth: Wicca is in Morgan's blood. As Morgan learns more about Wicca, she realizes that she needs to find out more about her parentage. The answers are there, but she doesn't know how to find them.  -Goodreads

     The second book of the series is just as captivating as the first. The reader is treated to not one, but two stories. Morgan's and her mother Maeve's, as told in the pages of her BOS. The aspect of Maeve's BOS (Book Of Shadows) cofused me somewhat, because I spent duration of the book trying to figure out if Morgan had the book, or if the author was just using the entries as a flashback technique.
Ok...on to the story. Morgan is a witch and she is also adoped! As is almost always the case, almost everyone in the family knew. Though there is a rift in the family; I am happy to see they they do manage to weather that storm intact.
On the love front...Cal and Morgan are getting closer than EVER! if they get any closer they are going to be joined. Cal has formed a new coven called Cirrus and Bree hung in there for a while as a member, but she and her new fast friend Raven, have left.

I am making the journey of self-discovery along with Morgan. I really want all the promises that Cal is making to her to be true. I also love seeing her powers reveal themselves. Alyce and David are proving to be of great help to her as well.
The one thing that I am not sure of is Cal's mother and her true motives.

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