Sweep III: Blood Witch

Title:  Sweep:  Blood Witch
Author:  Caite Tiernan
Format:  Paperback
Length:  202 pages
Publishing:  Penguin Group
Age Range:  Young Adult- Mid to Late Teen and Up
Rating:  5 of 5 Stars

Morgan has found her mother's Wiccan tools, and her relationship with Cal is strong. Everything seems perfect. Except that Cal's half brother, Hunter, is stalking them. Hunter claims to be a Seeker who is investigating Cal for the misuse of magick. Whom can she trust?  -Goodreads

     The third book in this amazing series is more of a joy to read than the first two.
This is the book in which we see Morgan start to come into her own.  She is starting to realize who she is as a person and a witch.  She is making choices that are taking her away from what others think is the right course of action for her, and toward what she believes to be right. 
     The author chooses to include entries from both Cal(Sgath) and Hunter (Giomanach) Book of Shadows.  Once again, I find myself a little confused by this until near the end of the book. Though I like the backstory that the BOS (Book of Shadows) entries provide, I sometimes find myself:
 1. Wanting to skip them to get back to the story of Morgan.
 2. Wondering who or what the entries are about until they are
    explained at a later point.
    This is the book of agendas...I really enjoy the fact that I am given a backstage pass in this story and allowed to see who is really pulling the strings.
     This book is about so much more than Wicca.  It is about family, self-knowlegde, trust and love.

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