Memorial Tribute Post: Ground Zero

I have decided not to post a review today.  Instead I wanted to send out my deepest wishes of love and hope for those affected in so many ways by the events of this date 10 years ago.

Ground Zero

 Eyes see you now only through lenses blurred slightly by the haze of time and tears.
Arms no longer hold you,
though  heart and mind strain futilely to bear your weight.
Dreams once dreamt in color,
have faded ashen grey.
Words of love and comfort replaced by sirens in the wind.

Can you hear the thing we've told ourselves of all the work we've done?
Wounds we've healed and bridges built to unify.
We lie.

It's in the dark, when left alone to stew and ruminate,
after the sheet is pulled and festering cankers of hate and loss allowed to breathe,
that we come to know that you are gone,
and we are living "ground zero".

Frishawn Rasheed


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