WTF Did I Miss?? #1: Shelf Candy #1 9-2-11

     Because my beloved Blogger  only archives posts that appear on my main page; my dear readers may miss the yummy bits that I post on other pages.  In an effort to prevent such travesties and because I really, really, LOVE you.  I have created WTF Did I Miss?

This week's offering:
You Know You Want Some...Shelf Candy #1 for 9-2-11

Shelf Candy is a fabulous Meme brought to you by the wonderful bloggers at
This is my chance to show you all of the delicious cover art that I hope to have decorating 
my shelves in the near future.
Book Title:
My Life As a White Trash Zombie

Diana Rowland

My Thought:
This is a really kick-ass cover!
"Hey, I'm tryin' to be a girl here...damn it!


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