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Transcender: First-Timer
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My Thoughts
This book is really impressive in its stories, scope, and premise.  Jayden is a very well written heroine who is down to earth and doesn't let all the pomp and circumstance of her new found status as a royal effect her.  She goes through so many trials and tribulations throughout the course of this tale, that the emotional rollercoaster ride alone is well worth the time spent reading this book.
When you add to that the host of characters, the building of worlds, and the intermingling of parallel story lines, you have quite the story.
Ryder and I had a love hate relationship for the majority of this book.  While he is delicious physically; he seemed a bit obsessed  at times with Jaden.  Admittedly I was sad to see them have to part.
Though there are some action scenes, this read is mostly about the world and relationship building.
Also it is good to note when reading this book that there is a second part to this series.  It is my feeling that a great many unanswered questions will be addressed in later installments.
This is a wonderful book that transports the reader from his or her world to those within its pages with ease.  I recommend this book to fans of high fantasy and time travel.

Book Description

August 3, 2012
When a freak lightning storm turns terrifying, Jaden Beckett, a typical Connecticut teenager, is suddenly shifted into a parallel existence where she finds herself a member of the ruling family in a counterpart of America on a strange alternate version of earth--one filled with hidden dangers, political intrigue, remarkable creatures, and forbidden romance.


Born and raised at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Vicky Savage became irresistibly enchanted by the lure of the ocean when she attended law school in Florida. She practiced law for several years before taking time off to raise her two children. She lives on the water on the west coast of Florida with her husband, son, and two dogs. Ms. Savage recently completed Book 2 of the Transcender Trilogy, Streaming Stars, which will be released in 2012.
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First Rule PR Presents: Kimberly Richardson

The Decembrists by Kimberly Richardson
Genre: Modern Gothic
218 pages
Sophie Joyce, a young writer, soon becomes a part of best selling author Hilliard Ravensdale's elitist world. Yet, what she desperately wants comes at a terrible price, revealing a secret from Hilliard's past that will threaten to destroy them both. Award-winning author Kimberly Richardson turns her literary eye to the world of sex, control, uprisings, secrets, and lies, all wrapped within a story worthy to be called modern Gothic.

My Thoughts
The Pros:  The story of Sophie and Hilliard is intriguing enough to make one want to read it on premise alone.  The beautiful young, and somewhat naive woman; falling for a wealthy older man, who just happens to be her idol.  O.K., What's not to love there?  Top that off with the fact that due to some very dark goings on in the life and mind of Hilliard, some very serious fallout occurs in the lives of both of them.  Then add in the fact that they are a biracial couple...and voila!!!!!  Reader heaven.
It is very easy engross oneself in this read.  This is one of those books that make you want to see the "train wreck" that you know is coming for the characters if for no other reason than to confirm that it is indeed as bad as you though it would be.
Though Hiliard proves over time to be the "monster under the bed", it is still hard to blame him completely for what Sophie should see coming.  This is a very dark guilty pleasure read!

The Cons:  There are a few editing issues and the author's writing style for this book comes across as a bit choppy.  The story shines through these technical difficulties brilliantly however, and proves more and more enjoyable the more you read.

Genre: Mythic Fiction
294 pages
What would you do if you discovered that your dreams were real? Monica had no idea that moving to the small town of Mabon would be the answer to her prayers, and yet so much more...
Alexandra has it all: a great job, a wonderful husband, and very few worries in the world. Yet, when a black clad stranger enters her life, she is suddenly thrust into a world of myths and legends all contained in the skin of an infamous fruit.

My Thoughts

These two bites of mythic nirvana are a joy read.  These stories a choc full of fantasy, whimsy, portals, magical realms and people and romance.  They both center around women looking for an escape from the worlds in which they live and the magic that helps them to find it.
This is a very quick read, sure to have you search for the fairies in your closets by book's end.  

After found as an infant crawling among books in an abandoned library, Kimberly Richardson grew up to become an eccentric woman with a taste for jazz, drinking tea, reading books, speaking French and Japanese, playing her violin and writing stories that cause people to make the strangest faces. Her first book, Tales From a Goth Librarian, was published through Kerlak Publishing and named a Finalist in both the USA Book News Awards for Fiction: Short Story for 2009 and the International Book Awards for Fiction: Short Story in 2010. Ms. Richardson is also the Editor of the award winning Steampunk anthology Dreams of Steam, the award winning sequel, Dreams of Steam II: Of Brass and Bolts, and the upcoming Dreams of Steam III, all published through Kerlak Publishing. Other short stories and poetry by Ms. Richardson have been published through Sam’s Dot Publishing, Midnight Screaming and FootHills Publishing.  Her first full-length novel, The Decembrists (Kerlak Publishing), will be out in 2012. Her other book, Mabon and Pomegranate (Kerlak Publishing), will be out in 2012 as well.

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