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Title:  Six Weeks to Yehidah
Author: Melissa Studdard
Format:  Ebook
Length:  170 pages
Age Range:  Midgrade-Preeteen
Rating 2 stars

Title:  My Yehidah:  A Journal into the Story of You
(Through Writing, Coloring, and Drawing)
Author:  Melissa Studdard
Illustrator:  Cheryl Kelly
Format:  Ebook
Length:  60 pages
Age Range:  Midgrade-Preeteen
Rating:  4 stars

Move over, C.S. Lewis; Melissa Studdard is here! Annalise of the Verdant Hills is one of the most delightful protagonists to skip through the pages of literature since Dorothy landed in Oz. Join Annalise and her two walking, talking wondersheep as they travel to ever more outlandish places and meet outrageous and enlightening folk on their journey to discover interconnectedness in a seemingly disconnected world. Discover with them how just one person can be the start of the change we all strive for. A book for all ages, for all time: wonderful, wacky, and bursting with truth!   -Goodreads

Six Weeks to Yediah/My Yehidah

"My Yehidah" is the perfect companion to the wonderful, yet somewhat truncated story that is told in "Six Weeks to Yehidah."  
When read on its own "Six Weeks to  Yehidah", though bursting with the promise of great characters and wondrous lands, falls short of the mark in those areas simply because the book in an of itself is far too short to properly convey such a grand undertaking.
That said, "My Yehidah" seems to be the perfect answer to this problem.  This wonderfully crafted and well thought out guide through the story allows the person using it to insert themselves into the story, thus filling some otherwise very pronounced holes in character development and scene transition.
"My  Yehidah" also does a wonderful job of making the rather daunting concept of "spiritual and physical interconnectedness" on varied planes accessible to the mind of its mid-grade target audience.  

Reviewer's Note:

These texts taken together are a great way to establish a dialogue about philosophies, self awareness, and feelings about interconnectedness to groups of children and one-on-one parent/ child scenarios in which interaction with peers or/teacher-parent is intended as a result of their use.

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