Come and Get Some... Shelf Candy #1

Shelf Candy is a wonderful meme brought 
to you by the fabulosity that is

My Pick:
Title:  Above
Author:  Leah Bobet
Publisher:  Arthur A. Levine Publishers
Publication Date:  April 1st, 2012

My Thoughts:

This cover has a dark
almost savage beauty that 
that borders in menacing.

"Come to the dark side with me."

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They support us all.


  1. Your description is dead on. It has that dark element that you just want to know more about. Thanks for sharing you post. Above is a great choice.

  2. this is a great pic. I would almost say that it looks dystpoian but then I saw the wings.... its gorgeous and it is very dark. A must read for sure!

  3. I agree with you that this is a great cover! I like the contrast inthe light and dark colors and it intrigues me. Looks like a fabulous book!


  4. You hit the description of the cover dead on!


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