DNF Pile: "The Immortal Rules" Killed Me

DNF Pile

It is with a heavy heart and very red and tired eyes,
(tired from reading...not crying)
that I have finally thrown in the towel
and declared that though I have
tried...and tried...and tried
(I really DID TRY!  FOR DAYS)
There is NO WAY that I could EVER FINISH 

Title:  The Immortal Rules
Author:  Julie Kagawa
Format:  E-Galley
Length:  485 pages
Publisher:  Harlequin Teen
Time of Surrender:  Somewhere Around 80% Complete

This book has a wonderful premise which loses a lot in execution, leaving the reader with an amalgamation of the plots of Blade 2, 30 Days of Night, and Mad Max Under Thunder Dome. This is of course, accompanied by a seeming never ending stream of "happy coincidences" that work "oooh so perfectly" to assist our "little vampire lost" in whatever she is or is not trying to do.

Case in point.
Vampires can't travel during the day so she just happens to find a band of HUMANS to hang with WHO ONLY TRAVEL AT NIGHT!


This happens over and over and over!

Please do NOT take this to mean that I did not like anything about this book.  I liked closing it a whole lot.

I love you Julie.  Better luck next book! 

P.S.  The main character of this book is ASIAN not CAUCASIAN.  Get the pretty white girl off the cover!!
Allison Sekemoto in the book does not equal Allison Smith on the cover.

I refuse to rate this review on the grounds that it does enough to incriminate itself.


  1. This is the first review that I've read that is not raving. Thank you so, so much for giving another viewpoint. :-)

  2. I agree! I always wonder at people with only positive reviews. We can't all love everything! This was very funny and thanks for being honest :-)

  3. Thanks for the review! Will add that to my book list... go check out my library on S.O.S. Mom

  4. I didn't get far with this book, too. So glad I wasn't the only one! I think I got to Chapter six, then quit! It bored me to tears...

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  5. Great review, and I can see why it didn't go over well..how do you just happen to find random humans that only travel at night...needed to dig deeper for sure!

  6. OH sad , I love a good vampire read. Better luck your next book.

  7. You know, I didn't love The Iron Fey series (though I do love the concept of the Iron Fey). I was lukewarm on the series and hesitant to try this. I think I'll pass. Thanks for telling why it didn't work for you and for being willing to say you didn't love it.


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