Teaser Tuesday #6...You Know You Want It!!

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Teaser Tuesday
Miz. B
Should Be Reading
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"No, seriously.  You think you're going to change into a cougar?  
Maybe in thirty years you'll start thinking college boys are kinda hot,
but that's the only sort of cougar you can turn into, Maya."

38% Kindle Ed. The Calling
Kelley Armstrong


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Rie said...

I have already read this book, and loved it! I hope you are enjoying it!
You can read my teaser here: http://riereviews.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/teaser-tuesdays.html
Love Rie x

Amy said...

LOL That's funny. I haven't started this series but I can see its pretty cool :)

Renae McKenzie said...

Everyone seems to be reading this book at the moment. I hope that you are enjoying it!

Thanks for sharing!

My Teaser
Renae @ Rolling with the Moments

Dazzling Mage said...

Ha! I love it! Ugh, I should really start reading The Gathering. >_<

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