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1 book per link will be given away every friday!
Every Friday we along with a few other sites we will hold a Free Book Giveaway.
All you have to do to win is follow. 
 Ebooks will be in ALL formats so don't worry. 
 If you win we will make sure you get a format you can use.  

We will also be giving away free print books. 
Print books will be new and used

I will also be adding ARC's which are Advanced Reading Copies. 
So you will get the book before anyone else. 

I would like to take this time to let you know that this ongoing giveaway if sponsored by The Hollows.  Which is a two site group.  The first site deals with reviews and is called the Hollow Readers.  Where if you love to read books and want to review but don't want to deal with a website then this would be the perfect place for you. Or if you have a website you can still join our group as we are listed with Netgalley. So that will get you more titles!

The other site is our wonderful tour site Hollow Tours.  It is getting a new look, content, and prices! So again this is a wonderful way to get your info out there.  With tour stops both personal and from authors you can get more followers and all you have to do is read a book.  

So please thank The Hollows for their time and money as they Sponsor Free Book Fridays!

Ok so what is next!  

Join US!

If you want to join our giveaway you can do that to!  You may click the link and add your site.  It will cost $3.00 per link (includes twitter, Facebook, and Site links)  
You link will run with us for 6 months. After which time you may repurchase time. 
If you would like to run it for 1 year please double the cost.
All books giveaway are included. 
We are going to have a limited number of links available so get your spot now!
Click to Join!

If you would like to help us! You can do that as well.  You don't even need a site. You may donate in two ways. The first one is by mailing us a book in print or emailing a book in ebook. 
To submit a donated book click here!

To donate money to our giveaways to be used to purchase books from please send an email gift card with the subject or message (Free Book Fridays Donation) to

Either of these will get you either a free link or we will list you as a sponsor on this page.
(Book/Donation must be work $3.00 or more)

Are you an author?  Well we have a deal for you!  If you donate 3 print books and 3 ebooks gifted via Amazon/Nook we will give you 1 link for free for 1 year. 

If you want to donate or if you are an author please contact me at Subject: Free Book Fridays.

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