Watch What You Read #3 Nightfall by Stephen Leather

 This MEME is for all of my bookish peeps
who still like pictures in their books!

What I'm reading this week!

I Soo Love Nightfall!  This is one of the BEST Thrillers EVER!

You are going to Hell, Jack Nightingale.’ They are the words that ended Jack Nightingale’s career as a negotiator with the Metropolitan Police. But two years later, when Nightingale is a struggling Private Eye, the words come back to haunt him. Nightingale discovers that he was adopted at birth and that his real father, a confirmed Satanist, sold Nightingale’s soul to a demon from Hell. And on his thirty-third birthday – just weeks away – the demon is coming to claim its prize. -Goodreads

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  1. The trailer looks good and the book seems interesting, I might buy it after seeing this :)

    Great Blog you have here and I am a new follower

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