What's Your Status...Can You Tell Me? #7

Zakiya from Butterfly Feet Walking on Life has a fantastic meme. In this meme you post your status of the books your reading this week, books you finished this week, books you're going to read next, and books you plan on buying this week. You can also post what reviews and memes you participated in for the week.
Finished Titles
Title:  The Hunt 
Author:  Andrew Fukuda

Title:  The Girl in the Steel Corset
Author:  Kady Cross

Title:  The Girl in the Clockwork Collar
Author:  Kady Cross

Title:  Revived
Author:  Cat Patrick

Title:  White Witch
Author:  Trish Milburn

Currently Reading
Title:  All These Things I've Done
Author:  Gabrielle Zevin
35% Complete

Title:  Back and Deader Than Ever
(Monster High #4)
Author:  Lisi Harrison
14% Complete


  1. This is a nice meme. I want to read so many of the books you listed! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for following! I tried to go to your mailbox post but it said the page didn't exist. :( Anyway, I'm following you now, too! Happy reading!

  2. Wow, you've been getting a lot of reading done! I haven't gotten to read any of those myself yet. I'm most excited to get my hands on The Hunt and Revived. Thanks for sharing! :)


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