Come Get Some...Shelf Candy #5

Shelf Candy is a wonderful meme brought 
to you by the fabulosity that is

My Pick:

Title:  Sovereign Hope
Author:  Frankie Rose
Publisher:  Create Space

My Thoughts:
"Oh look, the cover is upside down.
Oh wait...
She's floating...or is she dead."

*Please support your local libraries.*
They support us all.

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LRAtRandom said...

This is an interesting cover. I'm with you, I can't decide if she's dead or not. I can't decide if I like the decorative frame but I do like the roses in her hair.

Maria Behar said...

What a fascinating-looking cover! I think it has a rather creepy, dreamlike atmosphere, and I LOVE it! The frame is gorgeous! That, and the font used for the title, make me think of the 19th century, for some reason.

Lovely choice!! : )

FABR Steph said...

This cover is stunning. I love the deep overlay. I agree, it makes me want to know what the deal is too.

Aneeqah said...

Such a gorgeous cover! It has a dark and old type feeling that I love. I'm trying to figure out what is in her hair, though! Some sort of shell like thing?!

Anyways, thanks for sharing that wonderful cover! <3

-Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

LisNoir said...

I love your pick, the cover is beautiful.

@ Aneeqah, it kind of looks like roses, which certainly makes you question whether she's alive or dead.

kimberlybuggie said...

Great comment! Is she floating? Or dead? I can't tell either! I love the simple black dress and how her hair is pooled up towards the camera. Really pretty cover. Great choice!

If you're interested, my shelf candy is here:

Thanks for sharing!

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