Hollow Tours PR Stop: The Miracle Chip

 Title:  The Miracle Chip
Author:  Stanley Granger
Format:  E-book
Length:  430 pages
Publisher:  Xlibris Corp.

The Miracle Chip by author Stanley Grainger opens with the chasing of Sgt. Cantrell Stoggs. He has been part of a successful six-man team covert operation for the CIA but now, five years later, the team is being eliminated one by one. Only two are left, and Cantrell is one. They had been tracked down and assassinated because of a particular disk that contains an expose of conspiracy that involved high-ranking government officials. Though Cantrell has no idea what’s on that disk, their hunters are after it and his life is at risk. Readers will embark on an exciting, breathtaking journey and adventure as they unravel the truth in this intriguing novel.

This exciting saga leaps from the pages to grip readers in a spellbinding adventure that unfolds in the near future – exposing a conspiracy that could manipulate humanity into willfully surrendering their sovereignty to a One World Government. Several questions must be asked like “Are we being tracked?” Bar codes in products to track purchases; GPS in cell phones to track movement; and cookies to track online activity have been done and now ready. Chips implanted inside everyone’s body to monitor and control his or her life…Is it done? Can an avalanche set in motion be stopped? This book tells all.


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  1. This book The Miracle Chip intrigues me, microchips inserted in our bodies


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