Just Sittin' Here...Waitin' On Wednesday #19

Happy 4th of July to all who are celebrating!
I hope that you are somewhere out of the heat!
I'm sticking as close to my air conditioner as I can get.

Now for the goodies!
This wonderful meme is based on the one started by Breaking the Spine

Title:  The Unnatralists
Author:  Tiffany Trent
Publisher:   Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Expected Release Date:  August 14th 2012

In an alternate London where magical creatures are preserved in a museum, two teens find themselves caught in a web of intrigue, deception, and danger.

Vespa Nyx wants nothing more than to spend the rest of her life cataloging Unnatural creatures in her father’s museum, but as she gets older, the requirement to become a lady and find a husband is looming large. Syrus Reed’s Tinker family has always served and revered the Unnaturals from afar, but when his family is captured to be refinery slaves, he finds that his fate may be bound up with Vespa’s—and with the Unnaturals.

As the danger grows, Vespa and Syrus find themselves in a tightening web of deception and intrigue. At stake may be the fate of New London—and the world.


  1. OOh nice!! Been seeing this around at times! Looks interesting!

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  2. I found out about this books a few months ago. Sounds really interesting. Great pick!

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  3. Wow, I've never heard of this book before but it sounds fantastic! I'll definitely have to check this one out! ;)

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  4. Sounds like an interesting Steampunk novel. I've got my eyes on it now... Great pick!

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  5. Yay! I adore all things steampunk, so this one is for sure on my tbr! I'll be interested to read some early reviews to hear what people think of it.

  6. This is Steampunk right? I'm totally reading this one! Can I say Steampunk is the new black? lol this is going in my pile!

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  7. This one sounds really interesting! I love stories that take place in London. New or old lol It sounds like Vespa and Syrus will have lots of exciting action, mystery and romance. Thanks for stopping by and I'm a new follower.

  8. This looks like its going to be an awesome read! I cannot wait for it to come out now! xD

    Thanks for sharing!

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  9. Hi, love your blog! I found it from a Waiting on Wednesday site. I am a new follower, I would love a follow back http://endlessdaysofbooks.blogspot.com/


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