"The Last Princess" the First in a Great Series?

Title:  The last Princess
Author:  Galaxy Craze
Format:  E-galley
Length:  295 pages
Publisher: Poppy

A series of natural disasters has decimated the earth. Cut off from the rest of the world, England is a dark place. The sun rarely shines, food is scarce, and groups of criminals roam the woods, searching for prey. The people are growing restless.

When a ruthless revolutionary sets out to overthrow the crown, he makes the royal family his first target. Blood is shed in Buckingham Palace, and only sixteen-year old Princess Eliza manages to escape. Determined to kill the man who destroyed her family, Eliza joins the enemy forces in disguise. She has nothing left to live for but revenge, until she meets someone who helps her remember how to hope-and love-once more.

Now she must risk everything to ensure that she does not become . . .

The Last Princess.

My Thoughts
The Pros...
This book is proof that very good things often come in small packages.
The stories of how the Seventeen Days destroy England and how the murder of Eliza's mother dismantles the royal family mirror each other both in their illustration of horrific devastation and in their message that however altered life will go on.
It is in the midst of this devastation that we find the Windsor children:  Mary, Eliza, and Jamie.
Though it is true that their fortunes have been greatly reduced as a result of the Seventeen Days; they are fairing better than most and this is something that a ruthless dictator by the name of Cornelius and his New Guard want to end.

It is clear from the opening narration that Eliza's story is going to be one told from the heart.  She goes into heart-wrenching detail about the last day of her mother's life and the resulting emotional shut down of her father.  From there, readers get a bird's eye view of the sibling's relationships.

The story really gets going after the attack by Cornelius and his horde, leaving Liza's father dead, her sister and brother captured, and her the only free royal.
What goes on from here takes the saying "anything for family" to levels unknown.
O.K., just a few reasons:
 1. She joins the rebel army.
 2. Get branded. (Yes, I said branded)
 3. Almost dies
 4. Forms here own army in a very Elizabeth I fashion.

Before you get the idea that this review is all sweetness and light...

The Cons...
Yes...he is sweet and kind and there, but there is also his annoying habit of being there to 'save' Eliza all the time.

She starts off as a likeable character but her treatment of Eliza makes short work of that.  Making matters worse is the fact that the things that she does to have no point, or at least not the point that the storyline eludes to and which in the end makes the most sense.

The Seventeen Days and Cornelius
The reason behind Cornelius' hatred of the royals as well as all that happened within the Seventeen Days were never really explained.  These are things that will hopefully be done if there is a  second book.

Last Words
This is s very well done book and well worth the short time that one has to invest from start to finish.


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  1. Been hearing good things about this one. I'm very interested -- love it that it's quick, too.


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