This "Diva" Lives Up to The Legend

Title:  Diva
(The Flappers Series #3)
Author:  Jillian Larkin
Format:  E-galley
Length:  272 pages
Publisher:  Delacorte Books for Young Readers 

 Parties, bad boys, speakeasies—life in Manhattan has become a woozy blur for Clara Knowles. If Marcus Eastman truly loved her, how could he have fallen for another girl so quickly? Their romance mustn't have been as magical as Clara thought. And if she has to be unhappy, she's going to drag everyone else down to the depths of despair right along with her.

Being a Barnard girl is the stuff of Lorraine Dyer's dreams. Finding out that Marcus is marrying a gold digger who may or may not be named Anastasia? A nightmare. The old Lorraine would have sat by and let the chips fall where they may, but she's grown up a lot these past few months. She can't bear to see Marcus lose a chance for true love. But will anyone listen to her?

Now that the charges against her have been dropped, Gloria Carmody is spending the last dizzying days of summer on Long Island, yachting on the sound and palling around with socialites at Forrest Hamilton's swanky villa. Beneath her smile, though, Gloria's keeping a secret. One that could have deadly consequences . . .  - Goodreads

Hello Guys and Dolls,
Thanks for tuning in for WTF's musing's on Diva, the final installment of Jillian Larkin's Flapper series.
If you have come to expect the glitz, glamor, dirt, danger, and secrets...secrets...secrets.  You will not be disappointed.
Though only a few months have passed since the heart-stopping conclusion of the last tale and where we find the players in our little drama; so much has changed.

Gloria and Jerome...
As usual, life can never be simple for these two.  
Yes...Gloria has been freed from jail after killing the man that tried to kill Jerome, but at what cost?
It seems that if our little jailbird wants to stay free she has to sing a sweet tune to the Feds about a certain producer who is living the high-life on money from "low places".
Jerome it seems can never catch a break.  While he waits for news of his lady love; certain people are determined to make his life as hard as possible.

The QUESTION:  Will these two ever be free to make beautiful music together, or are they doomed to sing solos of heartache and loss forever?
The ANSWER:  Read the book. 

Clara and Marcus....
While Clara is busy being the mouth of Manhattan as the star reporter for the Manhattanite, Marcus has been hitting the books over on the campus of Columbia University and...planning a wedding?
That's right folks.
It seems that Marcus wasted no time in finding another 'forever girl' when Clara chose working over wifing.

The QUESTIONS:  Is Marcus' new love all that she seems, or does her bridal veil hide more than just her pretty pout?
Has Clara really thrown in the towel on her 'happy ending' with Marcus?
The ANSWER:  Read the book.

Try as she might, this girl can never seem to get it right.  Though she has traded in the nightlife of the speakeasy set for the highlighters and note books of Barnard College; she is still on the outs because of her rep as "the girl who ratted out Gloria Carmondy".

The QUESTION:  Will Lorraine ever be able to make amends for all the wrong that she has done?
The ANSWER:  Read the book?

WTF Are You Reading? says...
This book is well worth the wait.  It is packed with all the romance, action, intrigue, and passion of the other books in the series, and still manages to hold it's own plot-wise.  Readers will be happy to note that while the first two books focus on the girls, the boys are allowed to shine a little brighter in this read.  This book is a fitting end to the sparkle, spectacle, triumph, and tragedy, that serve as the calling cards of THE FLAPPERS.
My Rating:


  1. I do want to read this series! There's somethin so romantic about this time period i can't get enough of it. I got declined when I requested for this LOL

  2. I had not heard of this series before this review, but it has definitely been added to my TBR. Sounds fascinating. Something different than what I usually read. Thanks for the review.
    Tracy Awalt Juliano


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