WTF's In My Mailbox #7

Ok...So this week was the week that I went a little 
bonkers over at Amazon, but what can I say.
Have Kindle...

So here's a peek at the damage!

Please visit 
Stacking The Shelves


  1. Mockingbird sounds awesome! I love the Rachel Morgan series. I keep seeing Teeth. I will have to look into that one. Thanks for stopping by My Stack!

  2. OMG! That's a lot of books!! I loved Tiger Lily! Hope you enjoy that one! Didn't really know the others but hope you enjoy those too! Happy Reading!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Sometimes once I get started on Amazon, it's hard to stop! Great stuff. Thanks for visiting and following. I'm a new follower.

  4. Amazon will be the death of us, lol. I want to read Tiger Lily.

  5. Nice stack of books this week. A lot of those I've not heard of before but I will be looking them up on goodreads :)
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  6. Great books! Tiger Lily sounds amazing. Thanks for the follow. I'm following back. Happy reading!


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