Book Sparks PR Presents: Perfect Bait

Perfect Bait 
Title:  Perfect Bait
Author:  Micheal Fowlkes
Format:  Print ARC
Length:  381 pages
Publisher:  Thunderbird Press
A spellbinding thriller, as suspenseful as it is sensual.

The richly-textured settings of Seattle's commercial waterfront, San Diego's topless beaches and the breathtaking waters off Cabo San Lucas create the backdrop for a riveting story of love, romance and betrayal, as a young couple find themselves in a fight for their lives having been set up by the FBI as perfect bait.  -Goodreads

The Story
Corey Phillips is a man who believe that he has found his "happily ever after" in the arms of his beautiful high school sweetheart Karyn, and is all set to live with her in wedded bliss on his boat in the sheltered harbor of Seattle.
That dream is shattered on the day that Corey comes home to find his wife and best friend lost in an undertow of passion so powerful that they are not even aware that he is in the room.
Heartbroken, Corey decides to leave it all behind, and with nothing more than a few clothes and his truck; sets out to find a place to heal.
Traveling from the coasts of Washington to the beaches of California, Corey manages to find the love he seeks in the arms of his fiery new love Jennifer, and his furry sidekick Sierra.
Deeply in love and ready to return to the water and the life that he has always known; Corey starts running charters on Vintage, a beautiful yacht that he and Jennifer saved an uncertain fate and lovingly restored. 
Just when it seems that there is nothing ahead but clear waters and blue skies for these two,  the sharks begin to circle and there is blood in the water, as one fateful charter changes their lives forever.

Technically Speaking
This book is written from a very emotional perspective, which makes it a very easy read to lose one's self in.  Jennifer and Corey seem like the kind of people that anyone would be glad to have as friends; making them very easy for readers to invest in relatively quickly.
Though this book is said to be a thriller, the number  of pages dedicated to the romantic aspects of this tale (about 265), versus the 120 or so that get down and dirty with the thrilling, leads one to classify this as more of a romantic thriller.
Each scene that the reader is allowed to experience is captured in such detail that its as if  the moment has been placed inside a bubble; giving audiences the chance to view it from all sides before releasing it in anticipation of the next. 
Female readers will be happy to find that the sex scenes in this story are plentiful and very romantic.
The only true negative that one finds in this story is the seeming disconnection between the romance of the first part of the story and all the action and mayhem in the ending chapters.
The book should be longer so that all of the time and attention that that was given to the romantic part of the book could have transitioned to the thrills.
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