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Pure & Sinful 
Title:  Pure & Sinful
Author:  Killian McRae
Format:  E-galley
Length:  160 page
Publisher:  Tulipe Noire Press
 Rating:  4 stars

When it turns out your ex was actually a sexy demon sent by the devil to seduce you to evil, you'd think the next guy, no matter what he's like, couldn't be a worse decision. Enter Father Marc Angeletti, a smooth talking piece of forbidden fruit with onyx eyes and a razor wit, and Riona Dade may as well start packing her luggage for damnation now. But come Hell or... well, Hell, Marc, Riona, and demigod Dee Zitka have a mission: serve as a Pure Soul and vanquish Lucifer's minion scum from the face of the Earth to protect humanity from evil.

Oh, and don't get seduced into sin yourself, because a fallen Pure Soul is one of Lucifer's biggest thrills. As long as Riona and Marc can keep things professional and north of the sheets, no problem, right?

Yeah, that worked out great in the Thornbirds, too...
My Thoughts
This is a truly fun romp on the sexy side of demon hunter drama.  It has all the sensual sizzle of some of it's more hard core counterparts; but just enough camp and humor to let you know that at least a few of the players involved don't take themselves too seriously/
It seems that Riona just can't catch a break, whether it be in love or at work.  Torn as she is between having to kill her demon of an ex, and trying not to seduce her "holier than thou" priest partner.  There is just no letting up on our girl.
I mean it's kind of hard to be good when so many people and demons are making it sooooo easy to be bad.
When you also consider the fact that the baddest game in town, one Lucifer himself, has a stake in the game for her soul, you just know that things are bound to get a little "down and dirty".

There are a lot of sexual "near misses" in this story.  They happen so much that after a while you just begin to expect them; but given the fact that sex is used as the foil for the protagonists of the story, you just have to go with it.
It seems that Miss Riona Dade could teach Aphrodite a thing or twelve about sexual chemistry; as she seems to have enough to keep everyone in the story in thrall.  It is shocking that she shows as much restraint as she does, which only seems to add to the camp/tongue and cheek  tone of this read.

"A Pure Soul...agent of the light 
that drips sex the way that a leaky faucet 
drips water!"


Don't worry there is more than innuendo and camp to this racy little read.  Before the story ends there is a "devil of a plot twist" this you will have to read to believe.
This is a "for the fun of it" read that is sure to warm more than your heart and make you laugh out loud. 
My Rating:

About the Author:
 Killian McRae
Killian McRae would tell you that she is a rather boring lass, an authoress whose characters’ lives are so much more exciting than her own. She would be right. Sadly, this sarcastic lexophile leads a rather mundane existence in the San Francisco Bay Area. She once dreamed of being the female Indiana Jones, and to that end she earned a degree in Middle Eastern History from the University of Michigan. However, when she learned that real archaeologist spend more time lovingly removing dust with toothbrushes from shards of pottery than outrunning intriguing villains with exotic accents, she decided to become a writer instead. She writes across many genres, including science fiction, fantasy, romance, and historical fiction.

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twitter: @killianmcrae

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