Get Buried by "The Hoard"

The Hoard Title:  The Hoard
Author:  Alan Ryker
Length:  216 pages
Format:  E-galley
Publisher:  DarkFuse
Rating:  4.5 Stars

Hidden deep beneath its landfill lair of trash and filth, a strange new organism has come to life.  When an accidental fire drives it out, the mysterious creature escapes across the drought-blasted Kansas prairie and finds the home of elderly hoarder Anna Grish.  In desperate need of shelter, it burrows in, concealed amidst the squalor and mess.

When Adult Protective Services force Anna to vacate her junk-riddled home, she moves in with her son and his family.  But there is something wrong with Anna, something more than her declining mental condition and severe hoarding disorder.  Something sinister has taken hold of her, and it’s not only getting stronger, it’s spreading. 

Amidst the wide-open Kansas plains, with endless blue sky above and flat, open vista stretching from one horizon to the next, there is nowhere to hide from…THE HOARD.


My Thoughts
This is a very interesting type of scare.  It's not the kind that jumps out at you full of blood-lust, with fangs at the ready.  This is the type of scare that breaches the protective barriers of the civilized mind; going straight for that inborn part of the brain that lets you know that there are predators out there...and you are their prey.

The story of the hoarder is one that has become all too common in recent years.  People who for whatever reason, find themselves prisoners of their own making.  Anna Grish, is one such person.
The way that she lives her life evolves from simply heartbreaking to down right horrifying as she and countless others answer the call of the beings that infest them.

This is a surprisingly complex read given it's  relatively short length. Alan Ryker does an amazing job  at making his characters likeable and real.  So much so that one is often very conflicted when someone is killed or hurt;  even though you are fully aware that they pose an emanate danger to someone else.

This is a very fun read, not recommended for clean freaks or the squeamish.  This book would however prove a good first read for those new to the horror genre.  It won't give you nightmares, but it might make you stick a little closer to your Hoover!  


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