Jitterbug PR Presents: Becky Banks Talks Cars!

Hi Frishawn! Thank you for hosting me today as we wrap up our tour for my latest book, a high-octane romance called Forged. We've got a fun post today (read: visual tour!) on the types of cars that show up in the book. A little background before we begin, Forged's main character, Nate, is a European auto mechanic who enjoys fast women and even faster cars. That is, until his ex walks back into his life. ;0)

The car that starts all the shenanagans in the book belongs to our other main character, Eva. Eva drives a BMW 540i. It's the first nice car she's owned and she babys it, so when its rear door starts leaking she takes it to the mechanic her assistant recommends: Nate. Here's the car:

Eva's car: BMW 540i, small block V-8 with 320 ft.lbsf of torque = zippy.
Eva's assistant had been striving to find someone knowledgeable to help her with her '77 Peugeot, which as Nate describes at one point in the book as being "reliable as the goddamn weatherman." I give you the '77 Peugeot:

Jenny's car: '77 Peugeot. Cute! But as reliable as the weatherman.

Then, of course, there's Nate. Nate being a car guy has many automobiles at his disposal. Since he runs the top European import shop in the city, high-end Euro car dealers loan him demo vehicles to drive his clients (and himself) around in. We'll start with his personal stash of cars. Eva and Nate grew-up together so it's only natural that they gravitate to the same auto manufacturer, BMW. In Nate's personal collection he owns the 2-door coupe from BMW, the 330ci.

Car 1 of Nate's: BMW 330ci.
There is one other version of the BMW that Nate's been known to drive and it's the 6-series coupe. Which, kind of looks like the combination of a great white shark and a car.

Car 2 of Nate's: BMW 6 series.
Now for the demo car. This car is the one that Nate drives in the story, it's a great conversation piece with his clients and is quite successful in picking up chicks . . . that is until Eva comes along. This car is British in origin and made its world splash by being the preferred car of one special super secret 007 agent. Meet Bond, James Bond's car.

Car 3 of Nate's: Aston Martin's DB9. Six liter V-12, 440 ft.lbf of torque = 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. Blow-your-mind fast. [via]
In the end of the novel - no spoilers I promise! - only a few of these cars are left standing and those that are, don't belong to either of the main characters. That's why in this high-octane adventure, Forged is where first loves, dark pasts and fast cars all collide.

That concludes our visual tour of Forged's car line-up, thank you Frishawn for hosting me it's been fun!

Cheers ~


Becky Banks is the award-winning author of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. Her newest novel, Forged released October 26th. 

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