Seventh Star Press Presents: Michael West's "Spook House"

 Title:  Spook House
(Harmony Indiana #3)
Author:  Michael West
Format:  Print
Length:  308 pages
Publisher:  7th Star Press
Rating:  5 stars

There are some places in this world that go far beyond any normal definition of “haunted.” These places are so evil, so diabolical, that they become gateways to Hell itself. The Fuller Farm is one such place.

It is said that old man Fuller conducted unspeakable acts, blood rituals and human sacrifices, all in an attempt to gain the ultimate knowledge, the ultimate power. And then, he was killed–horribly murdered on his own lands, leaving the house to stand as a vacant monument to his wickedness. But once a door is opened, it can never really be closed.

Now, the stars are right. The gateway is ready to once more unleash unspeakable horror upon the town of Harmony, Indiana. And this will be one Halloween that they will never forget!
 (Author Provided Synopsis)

My Thoughts
"Spook House" is a refreshing dose of "small town" horror at it's best.  This is a story that brings to mind classics such as "Children of the Corn" and "Pet Cemetery".  Michael West does a wonderful job of blending just enough lore and magic into his beasties to make them seem authentically otherworldly; without overwhelming the reader with a laborious back-story as to their who's and why's.  This gives the reader a chance to fill in those blanks in his or her own mind, elevating him or her from mere spectator to full on creative participant in the thrilling experience that is this heart-stopping read.

Though the action begins at the old Fuller House, readers will be happy to find that the action is not tethered to or even centered there for the most part.  This book's author really knows how to spread his blood and gore around, making each scene more vivid than the last.  The fact that the story takes place over a three month period, with each month marking its own part within the book gives the reader a clear understanding of where the beginning, middle, and end of the story are.  This helps the reader to remain focused and engrossed  on what lies just beyond that next chapter.

The characters on this read are very easy to love.  Even the ones that you come to realize that you should hate.  This is not a book in which the motives or good or bad guys come with neon signs and directions.  Readers have no idea that the "bad thing" is at the door until the unsuspecting character they are reading is on the floor bleeding. The way that the characters speak and relate to each other is very believable.  Mr. West writes his cast with a spirit and humor that is very true to the Midwest.

This book is the third in the Harmony Indiana series, though it reads as though it were a stand-alone.
The first two books in the series are:  The Wide Game and  Cinema of Shadows.  

This reviewer would recommend this book and this series to the serious horror buff and the novice alike.  These delectably devilish dramas make for fun and fright filled reading.

My Rating:


About the Author:

Michael West is the critically-acclaimed author of The Wide Game, Cinema of Shadows, Skull Full of Kisses, and The Legacy of the Gods series. He lives and works in the Indianapolis area with his wife, their two children, their bird, Rodan, their turtle, Gamera, and their dog, King Seesar.

Every Halloween, he turns his garage into a haunted house

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  2. What a great review, and what a great book!


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