Will Twilight Fans Brave The Light of "A New Dawn"?

A New Dawn: Your Favorite Authors on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series 
Title:  A New Dawn
Authors:  Various
Format:  E-galley
Length:  174 pages
Publisher:  BenBella Books
Rating:  3 stars
*Is Edward a romantic or a (really hot) sociopath?
* How is the Twilight series just like one of Shakespeare's tragedies?
* Who would you rather date: the guy who thirsts for your blood, or the guy who drinks out of the toilet?

You can't read Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series without wanting more- more romance, more suspense, just more of Bella, Edward, Jacob, and the rest of Forks, Washington. You aren't alone.
Join some of your favorite writers as they look at the series with fresh eyes, and fall in love with Bella and Edward, and their world, all over again.

Find out:

* How the literary vampire went from horror show to heartthrob
* Other Native American wolf myths, and how the Quileute werewolves compare
* What Bella and Edward's romance has to say about free will
* Why vampires and werewolves really shouldn't date, and what that has to do with Edward's insistence that Bella go to prom

With Essays From...
* Robin Brande
* Rachel Caine
* Cassandra Clare
* Rosemary Clement-Moore
* Linda Gerber
* Cara Lockwood
* Megan McCafferty
* K. A. Nuzum
* James Owen
* Janette Rallison
* Ellen Steiber
* Anne Usru

My Thoughts
This is a wonderful collection of very entertaining essays ranging in voice from funny to informative.  It is hard to see this as a book that the average reader will be chomping at the bit 
to go out and buy.
That being said however, if you are:
1. A diehard fan of Twilight with a serious OCD that drives you to collect EVERY Twi-related thing known to man.
2. Studying vampire lore or the like and have to read it for a class.
3.  Prone to "pretty cover syndrome" and just can't resist.
4.  Just can't accept the fact that the saga has ended and are sure that there are a few "missing chapters" hidden in there SOMEWHERE. 

You will probably buy this book.
This is a very light read that is brimming with both fact and opinion about all thing Twilight.
Though this book can and probably will find it's way into someone's curriculum, it is never dry and 
very honest in it's presentations of the authors' love/hate or neutral feelings about the force of nature
that is Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga.    

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