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Spirit Fighter (Son of Angels #1)

Spirit Fighter (Book #1)

Published April 3rd 2012

Thomas Nelson Publishers
Paperback, 243 pages 

 PercyJackson, move over! Jonah Stone is here!

What if Nephilim—the children of angels and men—still walked the earth? And their very presence put the entire world in danger? In "Spirit Fighter," Jonah and Eliza Stone learn that their mother is a Nephilim and that they have special powers as quarter-angels. When their mom is kidnapped by fallen angels, they must use those powers to save her. Along the way, they discover that there is a very real and dangerous war going on between good and evil and that God has a big part for them to play in that war.

Parents today are looking for fiction that makes Christianity and the Bible exciting for their kids. This series is the Christian answer to "Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Kane Chronicles, The Secret Series" and other middle-grade series packed with adventure, action, and supernatural fights. "Son of Angels, Jonah Stone" will be the first series in the market to explore this topic from a biblical perspective with content that is appropriate and exciting for middle-grade readers.  -Goodreads

My Thoughts

This is an awesome biblically based middle grade adventure full of wholesome action and a positive message that will appeal to readers of all ages.
While it is true that Spirit Fighter does have a decidedly Christian point of view, complete with scriptural references; the story is so well crafted that it is enhanced and in no way overwhelmed by said scriptural component.  

Readers will also be pleased to find that this book is the story involving not just Jonah and Eliza, but their entire family.  Though some members of the Stone family don't get as much time in the spotlight as others, they are all there and together.

There is never a point in this book as which the action hits a lull.  Once the action starts, be ready to ride it out until its happy ending.
This book is recommended to readers of all ages, but especially tailored for those between 8-14.
Let "Spirit Fighter" show you and your family how to "put on the full armor of God", within the pages of a truly captivating read with a life changing message.

Fire Prophet (Son of Angels #2)

Fire Prophet (Book #2)
Expected publication: December 11th 2012
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Paperback, 256 pages

"Jerel Law transports readers to a place where supernatural forces of good and evil collide. Young readers will be entertained and inspired . . . I heartily recommend it." --Robert Whitlow, bestselling author of the Tides of Truth series

What if you could actually see angels and fallen angels engaging in battle--and you were expected to join the fight?
It's been one year since Jonah Stone and his sister, Eliza, discovered that their mother is a nephilim, the product of a union between a human and a fallen angel, which makes them and their little brother, Jeremiah, "quarterlings," or one-quarter angel. After embarking on an epic journey to rescue their mother and the other nephilim, who were kidnapped by fallen angels, the Stone kids have enjoyed a little peace and quiet.

But when Jonah and Eliza are attacked by fallen angels at school, they learn that quarterlings all over the world are being targeted, and separating them from their parents is the only way to keep them safe. The kids undergo special training to help them discover their own unique angelic gifts, which come in handy when they embark on a mission to find a mysterious prophet who they believe holds the key to Abaddon's defeat in a massive battle between good and evil.

Parents today are looking for fiction that makes Christianity and the Bible exciting for their kids. This series is the first Christian answer to Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Kane Chronicles, the Secret Series, and other middle grade series packed with adventure, action, and supernatural fights. But the message is solidly scriptural in that God alone is always in control.

"Jerel Law has crafted a fantastic story that will leave every reader wanting more. Stop looking for the next great read in fantasy fiction for young readers--you've found it!" --Robert Liparulo, bestselling author of Dreamhouse Kings and "The 13th Tribe".  -Goodreads

My Thoughts

Fire Prophet, the second book in the Son of Angels series finds Jonah and Eliza Stone one year later and busier than ever.
This second offering in what is proving to be a wonderful middle grade Christian based series, is packed with all of the action, positivity, and biblically based principles of the first book and so much more.

Jonah, Eliza, and even Jeremiah are allowed to shine even more this time, as they separate from their parents and hone their angelic skills at Angel School; in preparation for their biggest mission yet.

This story just keeps getting better.  Now that all of the Stone children have been activated in their angelic roles and they are able to interact with other angelic beings of their kind; readers really get to see them grow in more personal ways.
They also get to expand their horizons by dealing with characters of different cultures and who aren't as "religious" as they are.

With a message geared more toward "the power of prayer" and story happening on both the physical and spiritual realms; this story seems even more biblically connected than the first without being preachy.

There are scriptures woven through the story in the same unobtrusive manner as the first book, but the action here is ratcheted to a higher level.  There is the good angels vs. bad angels fight coupled with a mission to find a person who could be crucial to the survival of the "quarterlings."

This series is a wonderful addition to any bookshelf and one that the whole family can enjoy.

About The Author

Jerel Law is a gifted communicator and pastor with seventeen years of full-time ministry experience. He holds his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (go Tarheels!), and a master of divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Jerel began writing fiction as a way to encourage his children’s faith to come alive. He lives in North Carolina with his family. Spirit Fighter is his first novel.

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