See Brilliance of a True Steampunk Fairytale With "Innocent Darkness"

Innocent Darkness (The Aether Chronicles, #1) Title:  Innocent Darkness
(The Aether Chronicles Book 1)
Author: Suzanne Lazear
Format: E-Galley
Length:  308 pages
Publisher:  Flux Books
Rating:  5 stars

 Sixteen-year-old Noli Braddock's hoyden ways land her in an abusive reform school far from home. On mid-summer's eve she wishes to be anyplace but that dreadful school. A mysterious man from the Realm of Faerie rescues her and brings her to the Otherworld, only to reveal that she must be sacrificed, otherwise, the entire Otherworld civilization will perish.  -Goodreads

My Thoughts
In a time when being a "proper lady", wife and mother seems the pinnacle of achievement that any girl worth her salt can strive for.  Magnolia "Noli" Montgomery Braddock possesses that certain "spark" that  drives her to do MORE.

Noli is a girl that one can't help loving.  Her quick inquisitive mind, zest for life, and indomitable spirit are enough to draw readers to her without the slightest hesitation. When these traits are coupled with an unspoiled wide-eyed innocence...what more is there to want?
The story of Noli's inventiveness landing her afoul of the law and her subsequent removal from friend, mother, and home is enough to set one's blood boiling.  Then to discover that she. and girls like were sent to a "finishing school"/house of horrors to endure electroshock, sensory deprivation and worse.  Insane!
It gets better...

It seems that the same spark that gets our Noli into so much trouble, just may be her ticket out of some.
Her spark may be the key to saving the dying Otherworld; where fearie and magic reign supreme.
Her ticket...a mysterious stranger with golden eyes and sweet promises and...a wish.

This book has everything that a lover of steampunk, underdogs, drama, romance, passion, mystery, and faearies could ask for.
No one in this read is who they seem to be.  Noli is not sure who she can trust with her life, her body, or her heart.  While her struggle for understanding is in full swing; there are also revelations of lost birthrights and severed family ties involving Noli's unassuming boyishly beautiful best friend V.
V it seems, holds just as many answers to the goings on in Otherworld as Noli has questions.  He may also be the only one to save her body and soul.
If she can trust him.

This book is full of action, but not in the physical sense.  The action here is more mental.  With the characters and the reader trying to stay at least one step ahead of the baddies at all times.


  1. This book looks amazing! I love the cover and the idea of a "steampunk fairytale"! You gave it 5 stars so I can't wait to read it! Thanks for this great post :)

  2. Looks amazing. :) Sounds great so I would love to read it!

  3. I love Steampunk and love fairytales. You have me sold!!! Great review:)

  4. Yours ia the first and only 5 star review I've read for this book. A lot of people seem to have been disappointed with this.

  5. Ooh, this sounds interesting to me. I could totally go for a mentally stimulating read.

  6. This looks fantastic! Not huge into Steampunk, but I'm really intrigued by this. And that cover is really cool-looking, haha.

  7. Wow, I love the cover of this book. I haven't heard of this before, but it sounds interesting. I'm interested on more of Noli's friend, V. :)

  8. I love steampunk! This looks awesome. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  10. See I've been wanting to read this book for a while now! Thanks for the great review!

  11. I've been wanting to read this book. Looks like I need to push it up on my TBR list.

  12. It sounds interesting! Might have to pick this up :D

  13. Thanks for the review! I've been curious about this book but haven't read too much about it. I think I should pick it up!

  14. This is on my TBR/wishlist. I've loved steampunk for while now even before way back when I became a FF9 fan. The cover and blurb are already enticing and you review now has me really fiending!

  15. Looks steamy! I'm putting it on my TBR books! Thanks!


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