Adult Paranormal Romance Review: Don't Be Afraid to Give Your Heart to a "Rebel"

Rebel (The Fallen, #4)Title:  Rebel
(The Fallen #4)
Author: Kristina Douglas
Format:  Print
Length:  374 pages
Publisher:  Pocket Books
 Rating:  5 stars

New York Times bestselling author Anne Stuart, writing as Kristina Douglas, delivers the fourth novel in the Fallen series—in a realm of fallen angels and ruthless demons, an eternal rebellion is brewing…

A rebel angel who lives outside the world of the Fallen, Cain makes his own rules. Now he’s returned to make trouble, and he sets his sights on the unreliably psychic Martha. She has no interest in getting romantically involved with Cain, especially when she can tell he has ulterior motives. But when a mysterious figure tries to kill Martha, she and Cain must work together to uncover the villain. The heat between Martha and Cain grows undeniable, even as chaos and disaster threaten the very existence of the Fallen.  -Goodreads

My Thoughts
"Rebel" may be the fourth offering in the Fallen series, but the story found between it's pages needs no help standing alone.  This story of beautiful bodies, secret agendas, meetings of the mind, hearts redeemed, and sinfully sensual sex, is heaven sent to say the least.
Martha is a strong but scarred powerful psychic, whose powerful gift to 'read the future' has help to save the lives of the fallen angels and their mates, who inhabit the secret world of Shoel.
When her visions warn her of the coming of Cain, a powerful angel returning to Shoel after fleeing the blame for the death of one of his fellow fallen.  She knows that she must warn Fallen leader, Raziel.
What she can not tell Raziel however, is that she has been having hot, passionate, and all too real dreams involving herself and the Dark Angel.

Martha is a very likable character who is going through quite a rough time.  She is alone in the world of Shoel, surrounded by bonded pairs of angel and humans, constantly reminded that her mate Thomas is dead.
The only reason that she has to has to go on is her job as 'seer' for the Fallen...and lets just say that her belief in what she sees has been a bit less than complete.

Cain is the disgraced 'bad boy' returned home.  Marked as trouble and trusted by no one, Cain is the ultimate bad boy and perfect for Martha in more ways than one.
The chemistry between these two is evident from the start, though it is never forced to the forefront of the story.  There is a fully fleshed plot involving a murder and making way for a coupe by Uriel, enemy of the Fallen.
The passion is always the star of this read however, and sure to keep pages turning.  
This is s book that takes it's reader by surprise.  Just when you think that you have all the answers, there is yet another twist that makes you have to start at square one.


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