"Art Girls Are Easy"...A Hard Pill to Swallow

Art Girls Are Easy Title:  Art Girls Are Easy
Author:  Julie Klausner
Format:  E-galley
Length:  240 pages
Publisher:  Little Brown and Co.
Rating:  2 stars

Forget everything you think you know about summer camp, and step into the exclusive world of Silver Springs Fine & Performing Arts Camp for Girls. These young women have big aspirations: Broadway. SoHo Galleries. Julliard. They've got more to do with their precious time than worry about hanging your panties on the flagpole, and their idea of "roughing it" is setting the AC in their cabins to "low."
Fifteen-year-old Indigo Hamlisch is a teenage art prodigy looking forward to her last summer at Silver Springs. But her model/actress BFF, Lucy Serrano, is a CIT this year, and that means everything's different. Lucy can hang out with the counselors now-including Indigo's crush, paint-splattered art instructor Marc Estep. But it's not like anything is going to happen between them. Lucy would never do that to her best friend... right? Bright, bold, and seriously funny, Art Girls Are Easy is a scathing comedy of errors filtered through the eyes of Indigo: a girl who's been there, done that, and looking for a little inspiration. 


My Thoughts
This book was just another case of "rich kid" writing.  This is a phenomenon found a lot in Contemporary YA, where stories of rich kids with nothing to do but start petty fights that get blown out of proportion abound.
This was unfortunately one such read.

Indigo is a very sweet and naive girl as a character and given the way that the art teacher flirted and...
It is no wonder that she mooned over him.
She's impressionable and 15!!!!!
 Having said that however, this was a story that got really predictable really fast, and whose only true redeeming quality was Indigo's quest for her voice as an artist.

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  1. Well, I liked the idea of this book but now, that I have read your review, I am not so sure.
    I really hate these rick kid stories, since I do now connect with them well
    GREAT review, though
    Your reader,


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