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Luck of the Devil (Speak of the Devil, #1) Title:  Luck of the Devil
(Speak of the Devil #1)
Author:  Patricia Eimer
Format:  E-galley
Length:  294 pages
Publisher:  Entangled
Rating:  4 stars

Families can be hell.
Being the youngest daughter of the Devil isn't all it's cracked up to be. The days of teenage rebellion and vows of chastity made just to tick off her father are over, and now all Faith Bettincourt wants is a nice, quiet life. Unfortunately, thanks to the unexpected arrival of her demonically-downsized sister, a ditzy succubus roommate, and dear old Dad himself, Faith's plans for a relaxing vacation spent watching reruns go up in flames.
Now it's all Faith can do to keep the family reunion from Hell (literally) under wraps, and the angellically-inclined hottie across the hall from realizing there's something weird about his neighbor. And, thankfully, it's working. Until an angelic stalker shows up in a bid to steal her powers and take over the world.
Forget watching reruns. With the way things are going, Faith will need the luck of the Devil just to survive until Monday.  -Goodreads

My Thoughts
This book is surprisingly laugh-out-loud funny.  Everyone knows that life can be Hell, but who knew that being the daughter of the devil could be hilarious.

Faith is the baby of the family and the one struggling to be "normal"; well...normal is relative for a demon.  Her sister Hope is in the middle of an ugly divorce with her husband, a demon, who has "fallen up" having found God.  (Although, seeing as He is his brother-in-law...he didn't have to look too far.)
As if this is not bad enough, her lovesick brother Toliver, broke all kinds of laws when he turned her roommate Lisa into a succubus.
Her mortal mother is a witch, who though she is married to the Devil and God's sister-in-law, is determined to worship Gaia.

This book is so much fun.  There is so much dysfunction, snark, and kookiness that there is never a dull moment.  There is a very odd romance that happens between Faith and Matt, Faith's "too honest for his own good" lawyer, and neighbor who has a surprising secret of his own.
This is a very fast but well-written read, that in spite of all the characters and quirky plot twists, remains easy to follow and enjoy.
This is a great start to a wonderful series that truly puts the fun in dysfunction! 

Devil May Care (Speak of the Devil, #2)Title:  Devil May Care
(Speak of the Devil  #2)
Author:  Patricia Eimer
Format:  Egalley
Length:  352 pages
Publisher:  Entangled

After planning not one, but two, demonic weddings, all Faith Bettincourt—the youngest Crown Princess of Hell—wants is to spend some quality time with her angelic boyfriend, Matt. But when a girl from Matt’s past walks through Faith’s apartment door, her preoccupation with the weddings from Hell is all that’s keeping her from turning his ex, in all her devious angelic glory, into a down throw pillow.

Which is about when Matt’s zealous mother declares war on Faith’s family. But not all’s fair in love and war, and Matt’s having a hard time choosing sides.

Alone or not, Faith must rescue one of the grooms and go up against an army of so-called do-gooders, so everything can go back to normal. Or as normal as it can be where the Devil's spawn is concerned. And with any luck, she might just be able to resuscitate her love life while she's at it.  -Goodreads

My Thoughts
This book is just as much fun as "Luck of the Devil. Faith is up to her eyes in wedding plans; both that of her mother and father and her brother and Lisa.  Meanwhile, Matt's mother is being a judgmental, interfering, (insert expletive here.)
Her family is just as crazy and fun as ever, but this story has a bit of a mystery too as Faith's brother goes missing.
As if that is not enough both Matt's and her ex show up.

The only thing that could prove a negative abut this read is Matt.  He is such a goodie goodie that he gets boring.  Thank goodness that faith and the others are there to take up the slack.
This book ends n a cliff-hanger that leaves you craving the next in this blessedly devilish comedy of  familial love and war.

About PatriciaPatricia

I'm a small town girl who was blessed with a large tree in the backyard that was a perfect spot for reading on summer days. Mixed with too much imagination it made me a bratty child but fated me to become a storyteller. After a stint of “thinking practically” in my twenties I earned degrees in Business and Economics and worked for a software firm in southwestern Germany but my passion has always been a good book. I currently lives in Pittsburgh with my two wonderful kids and a husband that learned the gourmet art of frozen pizzas to give me more time to write. When I'm not writing I can be found fencing and arguing with my dogs about plot points. Most days the Beagle wins but the Dalmatian is in close second. I'm in a distant third.

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