Notable Novellas #5

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The Peculiar Pets of Miss Pleasance (Blud, #1.6)

Title:  The Peculiar Pets of Miss Pleasance
Author:  Delilah S. Dawson
Format:  Egalley
Length:  100 pages
Publisher:  Pocket Star Books
Rating:  5 Stars

This e-novella follows Casper to London as he begins to rise to stardom. When lonely pet shop owner Frannie Pleasance takes in a new lodger, odd things begin to happen. Fire fighter Thom Maccallan might be the only one who can keep her safe.  

My Thoughts
Frannie Pleasance's heart for all things stray has her caring for more than just the birds, kittens,  and puppies that she takes into her shop.  When she finds Casper, sick and alone in the road, and wearing a face so such like that of her dead brother Bertrem.  She knows that she must do her best to help him...but at what price?
Readers will be taken with this story from the start.  Frannie is a delightful character with a sweet heart and a quiet life in her pet shop.
That quiet is quickly shattered however, after her home is firebombed shortly after she takes the mysterious Casper London as a lodger.
Enter Thom MacCallan...
It seems that the strong and handy firefighter wants to "protect and serve" Frannie in more ways than one.  It is wonderful to see their relationship bloom and quickly mature to something deep, honest, and lasting.
Under normal circumstances their whirlwind romance would be considered insta love; but given the fact that Frannie's life is in constant danger throughout the course of this story, and she and Thom fit so well together, it translates to "great reading".
Casper keeps readers guessing with his unexplained, but much alluded to "ailment".  With the happenings between Thom and Frannie, it is sometimes easy to forget that this story is about Casper.
Until we learn that it is his secrets that cost Frannie her life.
This book is the perfect segue into Casper's story featured in "As Wicked As She Wants"  Blud #3.

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