"The Brokenhearted" Has What It Takes To Stop Yours

The Brokenhearted Title:  The Brokenhearted
Author:  Amelia Kahaney
Format:  ERC
Length:  320 pages
Publisher:  Harper TEEN
Expected Publication Date:  October 3, 2013
Rating:  4 stars

A teenage girl is transformed into a reluctant superhero and must balance her old life with the dark secret of who she has become.

Prima ballerina Anthem Fleet is closely guarded by her parents in their penthouse apartment. But when she meets the handsome Gavin at a party on the wrong side of town, she is immediately drawn into his dangerous world. Then, in a tragic accident, Anthem falls to her death. She awakes in an underground lab, with a bionic heart ticking in her chest. As she navigates her new life, she uncovers the sinister truth behind those she trusted the most, and the chilling secret of her family lineage…and her duty to uphold it.

The Dark Knight meets Cinder in this gripping and cinematic story of heartbreak and revenge. From Alloy Entertainment, this inventive new superhero story is sure to captivate any reader.

My Thoughts
This book was more like Mystic City by Theo Lawrence, than any of the comparisons made in the synopsis.
Just as in Mystic City Anthem is the daughter of one of Bedlam's ruling families.  Anthem Fleet's high-rise living, chauffeur driven life is far removed from the grind, crime, and drugs that life in the city means for so many others.
Her life is a planned regimen of dancing, school, and being the perfect show pony for her parents and boyfriend William.

Enter Gavin...

This is where the story starts to get good.
Good girl Anthem meets bad boy Gavin and her life well...
Bring on the instalove,  and what's that?
That's new.

This is a book with a great deal going on.  Most of which is very well explained and easy to follow.  Anthem is a girl who is pretty much a girl going through the motions of life.  Her father is lost in his work and her mother is a drugged out mess.
William is the boy that her parents have picked for her, but she knows he's a sleaze.
Sweet, sensitive, artistic, passionate, and  in danger.
Readers will love the way that the book just takes off from this point.
Anthem's accident.
Her new life.
The only major negative here is that the specifics of her new heart are never fully detailed.
If the mechanics of things had been better explained there wold have been more of an idea of how having it would affect her.
Aside from that the plot twists and turns and budding romance that result from lessons Anthem learns as the story progresses are not to be missed.
This is a very good story with a strong heroine, great plot, lots of secrets, and a great supporting cast.
 Who says Supergirl doesn't exist?

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