Will "The Man In The Box" Choose Life 1 Or Life 2?????

Title:  The Man In The Box
Author:  Andrew Toy
Format:  Ebook
Length:  207 pages
Publisher:  Blackwyrm Publishers
Rating:  5 Stars

Work provided Robbie Lake the perfect escape from his family. But his life is turned upside down when he is unexpectedly fired. When he finds a new way of escape through a cardboard box, everything changes. The imaginary world of his childhood has evolved in his absence and is now more savage and hostile than even he could have dreamed. Robbie is drawn in by the excitement of his secret world, but will the cost of abandoning his family prove too high?

My Thoughts
Andrew Toy's "The Man In The Box," speaks to the heart of every adult who has stared longingly out onto a sunny day and wished with all their might for even the smallest escape from the implosions of life.  Robbie Lake, it seems is a man lucky enough to do just that; when he unwittingly stumbles upon a portal to the land of Reveloin.
A land where he is no longer the harried father of a disconnected son and a rebellious and ungrateful daughter.  He can never be fired, and the demands of being a husband do not exist.

In Reveloin...Robbie Lake is God.

What readers are presented with in "The Man In The Box," is an honest to goodness adventure.  While Toy's writing is engagingly expressive and intelligent; he still manages to imbue his work with the carefree wonder of childhood fantasy.
The contrast provided by the seemingly bland drudgery of Robbie's existence in this realm, and the nonstop action and vitality of Reveloin serve to lure readers into a story brimming with surprises.
Robbie is such a likeable character that it is easy to develop a very strong emotional attachment to him very quickly.
He is everyman in one life.  Dependable, low profile, head down, and nose to the proverbial grind stone.  In the other however, he super, extra, and all the good things that send ghosts flying and make the hearts of lovely maidens flutter.

It has often been said that "to whom much is given...much is expected."  As fate would have it, this is true for our beloved Mr. Lake.
Not only does he have to deal with ghosts, panthers and all manner of beasties in the wild new land of his creation.  He must make the hardest choice of his life.  Personal freedom in Reveloin or the bonds family on this plain.

Think you know what Robbie chose?
It's not that simple.
The realm of Revelion is not playing fair
and neither is FATE!

About Andrew Toy:
Andrew Toy lives with his wife and dachshunds in Louisville, KY. He is currently editing books of nearly every genre and is a writing coach for aspiring authors. He and his wife are trying to adopt their first child, and he is using the means of writing and editing to accomplish the goal of enlarging his family. Check out some more of his writing and upcoming books on his popular blog: adoptingjames.wordpress.com
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