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ClicksTitle:  Clicks:  The Pinhold Prophecy
Author:  Amy Evans
Format:  ERC
Length:  250 pages
Publisher:  Amy Evans Ink
Rating:  5 tars 

Clicks are the sounds the universe makes when it stops to tell you what's going to happen next. Truths you hear in your heart that you can't explain.

For sixteen year old Cami, the clicks won’t stop. They’re telling her to fall in love with the wrong twin, that her family is hiding something, and that Pinhold, her pristine Island home, is in danger.

Born and bred to win, Cami’s family expects her to join a secret society called The Guard, marry one of the two identical twin boys next door, and stay on Pinhold Island for the rest of her life. Home to perfect waves, black sand beaches, and the world-famous Surf Carnival, Pinhold seems deceptively perfect. While visitors are jealous of the few hundred people who get to live there, Cami feels stifled. Thanks to the intense link she shares with her own twin, Mica, she can't even be alone with her thoughts. While Cami's more than happy to be a lifeguard, a lifelong commitment to the endless summer feels like a trap.

It should have been a fun summer of surf competitions and beach patrol. But dolphins are washing up on shore and the best swimmers are drowning. Then her twin brother Mica goes down too.

The only thing that can save her brother is the truth that only Cami can learn. But can she trust the clicks?

My Thoughts

Want the recipe for a great book?

Try this.
3 parts Mystery
2 parts Romance
1 part Paranormal
3 parts Action 
A dash of Fun
This book is best when read ASAP.  Read until done.

The story of Cami, the twinning and the island speaks to something alien and otherworldly; before one can lose oneself on that plot line however, the romance between she and Blake and the mystery of the dolphins and downed swimmers has you off chasing them as well.
This book manages to be something new and different in the realm of  "been there and done that" YA.
The characters are written in such an honest way, that you begin to see them as friends.  You feel what they feel.  Want what they want. Find yourself lost in the pull of their struggles.

The setting of the island, the water, and the sun make this a great summer read.  Unlike most summer reads however, this is no cottony ball of fluff.  Be prepared for action, plot twists, secrets, romance, and never quite knowing what is coming next.

This is an awesome read that takes one off the beaten path and on to uncharted literary nirvana!

Amy Evans Bio:

Amy  EvansAmy Evans is a wife, mother, ocean lover and storyteller. She's created multi-platform mobile apps, social media games, and interactive story worlds for HIPnTASTY, a company she co-founded in 2001.  She loves dolphins, aliens and pugs, and sometimes writes for so long they all look like the same thing.  Clicks is her debut novel about instincts, a Surf Carnival, an endless summer and the hottest beach patrol on the California coast.   Clicks are truths you can feel, the sounds that the universe makes when it warns you that your world is about to change forever. If you listen to them, you get on the wave before it crests; control your path, surf into your destiny. If you ignore them, the wave crashes around you, and you try desperately not to drown.


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