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18188473A Little Bit Scandalous
Forbidden Love Series Book Three
Robyn DeHart

Genre: Historical Romance

Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Date of Publication: 8-12-13

ISBN:  978-1-62266-229-6

Number of pages:  212

Book Description:

A gambler in need of redemption

Monroe Grisham, Duke of Chanceworth, is determined to keep his beautiful young ward, Caroline Jellico, out of his life for her own good. Caroline is all grown up now, making it impossible for him to focus on anything but her presence. Hoping to put her out of sight, he leaves it up to his mother to find her a proper husband before he ruins Caroline himself.

A woman in search of a gamble

Mathematics prodigy, Caroline Jellico, is tired of waiting for the illusive Roe to notice she

A complicated game of seduction

When Roe and Caroline meet across the table, all bets are off. But this game takes more than skill, and the winner may take all but still lose everything.

My Thoughts

Robyn DeHart, never ceases to amaze and delight her readers with tales of brazen woman and dashing men willing to risk everything to follow the call of passion. 
In A Little Scandalous, the third offering from the Forbidden Love series; we are introduced to Roe and Caroline, two players in a high-stakes, winner-take-take all game of hearts.

Ohh finally!  A story where the girl gets to be the roguish gambler, and the guy gets to try to reform her!!!!
It seems that one Miss Caroline Jellico, is quite the card shark.  Or at least her alter ego, Grey, is.
Dressed as a boy, she frequents Rodale's, fleecing the good men folk of their hard earned coin in a backroom game of 21.

The problem.

She's too good, and soon that causes the "front parlor" uppercrusts to wonder about "the boy" in back.
When Grey is forced to play against the Duke of Chanceworth, it is not long before he learns her secret and all bets are off.

This is a fascinating story that just gets better as it evolves.  There are so many layers of self-deception, loathing, and self imposed isolation on the part of Monroe, that Caroline's gambling doesn't seem that big of a deal.

But just you wait...

Caroline is a strong and determined young woman, unafraid to lay her cards on the table, whether it be in the case of love or money.
With the skiddish Duke, she just may have to play her romantic hand a bit closer to the vest.
Just when you thought the terms of this wager couldn't get any more interesting.  We add a few baddies to the mix, who are up to no good and looking to use Caroline's talents to cash in on their biggest matter who they have to hurt to do so.

This is definitely a "one sitting" read.  While Caroline's story is very much up front.  Monroe provides a great back story.  As is par for the course with Robyn's stories;  the rescuing is never exclusive to the male or female lead, but a mutual thing of beauty.
This is a book that can be read as a standalone, but please, do read the other two books in the series!
 You will be glad you did!

About the Author:

A life-long lover of stories and adventure, it was either become a stuntwoman for the movies or live out those adventures from the safety of her PJ's and computer. Award-winning author, Robyn DeHart chose the latter and couldn't be happier for doing so. Known for her unique plotlines and authentic characters, Robyn is a favorite among readers and reviewers.

Publishers' Weekly claims her books as "sizzling romance" while the Chicago Tribune dubs her "wonderfully entertaining." Robyn is an award-winning author as well as being a four-time RT Bookclub Reviewers' Choice award nominee, and a three-time RomCon Reader's Crown nominee.

Look for Robyn's new trilogy on forbidden love coming from Entangled: A Little Bit Wicked (fall 2012), A Little Bit Sinful (spring 2013) and A Little Bit Scandalous (summer 2013).

Also in 2013, she'll launch a new historical romantic suspense series with NAL, the first in the series is The Secrets of Mia Danvers (2013).

Robyn lives in Texas with her brainy husband, two precocious little girls and two spoiled cats.

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