Do You Want To Join "Club Monstrosity"?

Club Monstrosity (Monstrosity, #1) Title:  Club Monstrosity
Author:  Jessie Peterson
Format:  ERC
Length:  224 pages
Publisher:  Pocket Star
Rating:  3.5 Stars

Natalie’s one of Frankenstein’s creations and works in a New York City morgue. So of course she needs therapy. She and her friends—er, fellow monsters—have formed the world’s most exclusive, most dysfunctional support group. What could go wrong?

Undetected in the modern world and under pressure to stay that way, Natalie Grey, Dracula, Bob the Blob, and others (including the fetching wolfman Alec) meet regularly to talk about the pressures of being infamous in the Big Apple. Topics include how long it’s been since their last sighting, how their “story” creates stereotypes they can’t fulfill, and—gasp—sometimes even their feelings. But when their pervy Invisible Man, Ellis, is killed in a manner reminiscent of the H.G. Wells novel, it’s clear someone’s discovered their existence and is down for some monster busting.

Led by Natalie—and definitely not helped by Hyde’s bloodthirsty tendencies—the members of Monstofelldosis Anonymous band together for security and a little sleuthing. And maybe—maybe—if they don’t end up dead, they’ll end up friends somewhere along the way.  -Goodreads

My Thoughts

It seems that in today's society the "if there's a problem let's form a group to fix it" mentality reigns supreme.
So a group full of monsters is bound to be prime real estate on Dysfunction Ave.



This book is a great mix of comedy, drama, romance, and psychosis.  The weird thing is however, that the people that one would expect to be the nuttiest cases in the tree are really the most sane.
As if the "Hi, my name is...and I just want to be normal" drama isn't enough.

There is someone out there killing off the monsters!

This is a really fun and quick read.  If it weren't for the murder and mystery elements; it could pass as 'chick lit' with all the insecurities and feelings being bandied about.

Natalie (Frankenstein's creation) is a bit of an unlikely lead.  Due to the fact that she seems more apt to sit and observe than take charge.
Kai (Mummy and bitch extraordinaire) was the one who, despite her brusque manner, seemed to fit the lead role.
The other members of this motley cast were just too involved in their own messes to be of any real use, but they did provide interesting side stories when the main plot slowed down.

The romance between Natalie and Alec (hunky wolf-man) was very well done, but lead to a lot of "convenient" help on his part.

The best part of this story by far is the twist at the end.

It is one that readers will not see coming.

If you are looking for a fun little read, featuring monsters that you know and love, and not taking itself too seriously.

This is the book for you.


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