Enjoy The Easy Romance of "Rock And A Hard Place"

Rock and a Hard Place (The Jamieson Collection, #1)Title:  Rock And A Hard Place
(The Jamison Collection)
Author:  Angie Stanton
Format:  ERC
Length:  228 pages
Publisher:  Harper Teen
Rating:  5 Stars

One day while watching the Interstate exit for her dad’s long awaited return, Libby’s life is rocked when Peter Jamieson steps off his tour bus and into her life. After a couple chance meetings with Peter, Libby breaks away from her rule abiding behavior and her life changes course.

Peter longs for normalcy away from the screaming fans who know nothing about the real him. He is amazed to discover Libby has never heard of him or his band. Soon their friendship turns to love. While Peter battles his family's growing interference so he can spend time with Libby, she struggles with her eccentric aunt who turns more bizarre each day.

Their lives are torn apart when Peter's family intrudes and Libby disappears. Peter’s desperate search for her comes up empty. Can they find their way back to each other while the world plots against them?   -Goodreads

My Thoughts

Rock And A Hard Place is the ultimate contemporary Cinderella story...with a boy band twist!

Readers want the best for Libby, who has had a less than stellar life since surviving the car crash that took the lives of her mother and younger sister. Now, living on the farm of her verbally abusive eccentric aunt; she finds herself wishing for something or someone...real.
Enter the dream...

Shy and creative Peter Jamison knows what it's like to be adored.  As a member of the chart-topping band, Jamison, how could he not?
It seems that the one thing that "teen dream" Peter is missing is the true love that he writes and sings about.
Until they meet...

O.K., So there is a bit of instalove, but he's a pop sensation and she's a sheltered farm girl looking for an escape.  I think there is room for that given the time constraints of their situations.
Besides the perfection of the setting and the overall cavity producing sweetness of these two together, makes the instalove a non issue.

Angie Stanton's straight forward and honest tone, gives this story a fresh feeling that makes you want to read more about Peter and Libby.

Even better than the love story however, are the plot twists that take place mid-book.  These heartbreaking and riveting upheavals in the already tumultuous life of  Libby are enough to make readers want to howl with fury.
As much as it breaks one's heart to read.  The author does a wonderful job at allowing Libby's tragedy to play out completely and allowing Libby to show her courage and strength.
Libby's struggle makes Peter's grand gesture all the more unforgettable!  

 If you like Cinderella...ever had a boy band crush....or just love a great "happily ever after"...Rock And A Hard Place is the story for you.

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