Enjoy A Great Romance and So Much More..."Because of Rebecca"

Because of Rebecca Title:  Because of Rebecca
Author:  Leanne Tyler
Format:  ERC
Pages:  223 pages
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press
Rating:  4 Stars

Rebecca Davis promises to raise her dying sister's newborn son as her own. She also agrees to help a female slave reach freedom. It's the right thing to do, but can she trust her fellow conspirators without endangering her future or her son? Her handsome contact, Jared Hollingsworth, won't discuss their mission, but her attraction to him has Rebecca fearing she will endanger not only her freedom--but her heart.

Jared Hollingsworth refuses to use slave labor. Despite this sentiment, he's been able to keep his plantation going, even while mourning the death of his wife and son. Now, thanks to his notorious cousin, Jared is in danger of losing Oak Hill. When he meets Rebecca Davis, he isn't ready to love again, but she may be just what he needs to save his home and his heart. When he discovers Rebecca embroiled in a conspiracy, will he follow his heart and dare to love again? Or will he risk her heart to save his beloved plantation?  -Goodreads


Rebecca Davis' life is one built on, and shaped by the secrets that she keeps. 
There is just one problem with that however.
The secrets...are not hers to keep.

Because of Rebecca offers so much more story than one is used to in Southern-based Historical Romance.
The ladies in this book are far from the wilting wallflowers, swooning and batting their eyes suggestively at every man they see.  These heroines(and yes, there are many) are forces of nature in frilly petticoats.
Rebecca Davis is a woman unafraid to live her life by her convictions.  Even if doing so could leave her a spinster; in one case. Or even cost her life.
Rebecca's aunt, Josephine, is a woman haunted by a secret in her past as well.  A secret that has had farther reaching consequences than she could have ever imagined.  A secret that like Rebecca, she believes has doomed her to a life without love.

Jared Hollingsworth, a plantation owner in the old south, running his plantation with new rules.
Rules which fly directly in the face of his slave owning counterparts.
Rules which label him a pariah among the good southern gentry of Mississippi.
Rory Hollingsworth, a man whose secrets could prove the most damaging to everyone involved.  A man who is the catalyst for a chain of events that will change each person's life forever.

This is an awesome story with more twists than a hedge-maze, more secrets than the CIA, and more romance than Cupid.
Rebecca and Josephine are real women, with real fears, hopes, and dreams.  This makes them very likeable.
Jared and Rory are two sides to the same coin.  Although they go about their lives in decidedly
different ways.
This novel takes great pains to address the evils of such hot button topics as:  slavery, death in childbirth, and illegitimacy.  The thing that makes this author's treatment of these topic different from others being that there are no quick fixes.  The characters are allowed to live with their choices and the consequences of said choices for better or worse; while still pursuing the joys of hearth, home, and children.
The passion in this read is not of the firecracker or bodice ripper variety.  This would be more of a story wrapped slow burn.
It is there, but you have to wait for it.

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