Premier Virtual Author Book Tours Presents: Mr. Monk Helps Himself

Mr. Monk Helps HimselfPublisher: Penguin USA (June 4, 2013)
Category: Cozy Mystery
Tour Date: August, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-451-24093-4
Available in: Print & eBook,  286 Pages

Publisher: Penguin USA (June 4, 2013)
Category: Cozy Mystery
Tour Date: August, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-451-24093-4
Available in: Print & eBook,  286 Pages

Mr. Monk Helps Himself is an all-new mystery, written by Hy Conrad, the Edgar Award-nominated screenwriter and co-executive producer of Monkand starring the characters from the wildly successful television series.

Now that Monk and Natalie are both in San Francisco again, life is almost back to normal, with one exception:  Natalie is studying for her PI license, the last step to becoming Monk's full partner.

Before taking the plunge, Natalie sneaks off to Half Moon Bay for a retreat run by Miranda Bigley, charismatic leader of the "Best Possible Me" self-help program, whose philosophy has helped Natalie deal with her recent life changes.  Her plans for a relaxing weekend are disrupted when Monk tracks her down, determined to rescue her from the "cult."  Their argument is cut short when Miranda, in full view of everyone, calmly walks to the edge of a cliff and jumps off.

Even though Miranda's death looks like suicide-especially when it's discovered that she was on the brink of financial disaster-Natalie is sure it is murder.  But Monk brushes her off to help the SFPD solve the murder of a clown, despite his fear of clowns-number ninety-nine on his list of one hundred phobias.

Natalie and Monk begin their separate investigations and are quickly caught up in situations neither one of them can handle.  If they want to solve both crimes - and survive - they first need to learn how to be full partners.  Can Monk handle the change?

My Thoughts

I try very hard to remain objective when reviewing, but Mr. Monk Helps Himself, left this unreformed Monk addict over the moon.
Monk is back, as full of quirks and obsessions as ever.
Working with his assistant turned partner, Natalie Teeger, and coping none too well with the business choice of his lady love Ellen; Monk finds himself face to face with more than a few changes.  Lets just hope that he can cope long enough to nab the bad guys.

This is a truly delightful mystery, filled to the brim with the trademark wit, quirk, genius, and dysfunction that Monk is known for.
One of the best parts of this read is the fact that Natalie is given a chance to shine this time around.
A great deal of the story is centered around her, and she even gets to lead her own case.

Add to that the story of Ellen and Monk (love in a time of OCD) and what you have is a well rounded and extremely readable story, sporting not one but two mysteries, and a sweet cozy ending.


About Hy Conrd 

Hy Conrad was one of the original writers on the USA Network television series  Monk and stayed with the series for all eight seasons, acting as co-executive producer for the last two seasons and garnering three Edgar® Award nominations. In addition, Hy was head writer of the webisode series Little Monk and served as consulting producer and writer on the USA series White Collar.

He is the author of hundreds of short stories, dozens of interactive mysteries, and ten books of solvable whodunits, sold around the world in fourteen languages. His first mystery novel series, Abel Adventures, premiered in 2012, with the publication of Rally 'Round the Corpse.  On a more humorous note, Hy is also the author of Things Your Dog Doesn't Want You to Know.

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Teddy Rose said...

Thanks for taking part in the tour. I'm so glad you loved Mr. Monk Helps Himself as much as you loved the TV show!

Hy Conrad said...

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my new Monk book. I'm so glad there are still some fans out there -- especially since the next one will be coming out in December 2013. Thanks again!

holdenj said...

I like the synopsis and the idea that Monk thinks he "rescuing" Natalie.

Suko said...

Very nice, concise review! I've just read and reviewed this book.

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