"Persephone's Orchard" Brings Ancient Myth Into Contemporary Focus

Persephone's Orchard Title:  Persephone's Orchard
Author:  Molly Ringle
Format:  Ebook
Length:  370 pages
Publishing:  Central Avenue Publishing
Rating:  5 Stars

The Greek gods never actually existed. Did they? Sophie Darrow finds she was wrong about that assumption when she's pulled into the spirit realm, complete with an Underworld, on her first day at college. Adrian, the mysterious young man who brought her there, simply wants her to taste a pomegranate.

Soon, though she returns to her regular life, her mind begins exploding with dreams and memories of ancient times; of a love between two Greeks named Persephone and Hades. But lethal danger has always surrounded the immortals, and now that she's tainted with the Underworld's magic, that danger is drawing closer to Sophie. -Goodreads

My Thoughts

Persephone's Orchard is the perfect blend of mythology, action, mystery, suspense, and New Adult romance. 
Sophie Darrow knew that going away to study at the University of Oregon would change her life, but she had no idea that change would happen as soon as her first day.  Or that the life she has been so anxious to start will lead her to a love and a destiny that she had known forever.

The stories told within Presephone's Orchard (and yes, there are many) come together to form a complete saga/love-story that spans hundreds of years; bringing the legendary love match of Hades and Persephone into contemporary focus, while still managing to remain true to the original story.

One can't help falling in love with the irrepressible youth, resourcefulness, and open-mindedness of Sophie.  When faced with the realization that she may be the reincarnation of the Goddess Persephone, she plunges headlong into the mysteries that await her, with only her wits and a very handsome stranger as her guide.

O.K.  You've met Persephone....here's Hades!
Or Adrian, as he's known now days.  Adrian Watts has the looks charm and charisma that girls dream of, and to top things off, he has a fleet of spirit horses that travel at the speed of souls and he speaks every language known to man...including the language of the dead.
Sorry girls, it looks like you're going to have to keep dreaming, because Adrian, um...Hades only has eyes (and everything else) for Sophie.

As if all of the afore mentioned goodness is not enough, there is also a secret society that seeks to end the lives of our lovebirds and all immortals.
This is a book for all mythology fans who seek a modern spin on tales from the Golden Age of Greece.


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