Experience Death At Its Sexiest in "Soul Survivor".

Soul Survivor (Soul Stripper, #2) Title:  Soul Survivor
(Soul Stripper #2)
Author:  Katana Collins
Format:  ERC
Length:  352 pages
Publisher:  Kensington
Rating: 5 Stars

With immortality comes a craving that can't be satisfied, a need never fulfilled...

Once an angel, now a demon, Monica is still a succubus with an insatiable desire for sex. The more the better. Soul-stealing orgasms beat out dealing with her broken heart any day of the week. Monica has no interest in being near both her ex-lover and his new girlfriend, so she's not thrilled when she's asked to join them in investigating a string of murders that are clearly beyond the pale. But when she sees that one of the victims has her Celtic family crest carved on his arm, she realizes she may finally find the answers to her past she's been searching for all these years... -Goodreads

My Thoughts

Monica is back and so is the mystery, as she sets out to solve the mystery of murders with very personal ties.
Just when you thought that the story of our saucy angel turned succubus couldn't get any better...it has.
This is the book that answers all the questions about "how" Monica lost her wings, and became the succubus that we all know and love.
Not to worry though, the story doesn't spend all of its time traipsing down Monica's memory lane.  There is far to much afoot in her present for that.

Jules, Drew, and Adrienne are still around to make Monica's life as complicated as ever.
There are also some new and delicious additions to the story as well.
Daimen - the sexy elemental detective helping to solve the case, when not having hot "earth shattering" sex with Monica.
Dejun - the vampire that turned her.
John - the sorcerer who was Monica's first love and betrayer.
Banshee - death that literally follows our girl.

The sex is just as steamy, the death is just as deadly, and the history of Monica makes her more endearing to her readers than ever.
This is read is just the fire that readers will need to keep them toasty during the coming winter.
Though this is book two, it can be read alone...although reading book one is highly suggested!

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