The Game of Love Has Never Been Sexier Than When Played By The "Beautiful Player"

Beautiful Player (Beautiful Bastard, #3) Title:  Beautiful Player
(Beautiful Bastard #3)
Author(s) Christina Lauren
Format:  Print
Length:  406 pages
Publisher:  Gallery Books
Rating:  5 Stars

In the third book in the Beautiful Bastard series, an agreement between a venture capitalist and a bookish woman quickly becomes a very NSFW version of My Fair Lady.

When Hanna “Ziggy” Bergstrom moves to New York City for graduate school, Will Sumner thinks his responsibilities to his best friend’s nerdy little sister will be limited to the occasional dinner and check-in. Little does he know that Ziggy is ready to break out of her bookworm academic shell and move more into bombshell territory. Of course she figures the gorgeous womanizing venture capitalist Will is the best person to help mentor her in this new field of study: dating.

Will takes on the on challenge with more than a healthy dose of skepticism and humor, but soon finds that Ziggy just needed a tiny push, not a world of change, to reveal a woman every man seems to notice. Soon “Ziggy” is gone and the unfiltered, innocently seductive Hanna Bergstrom is hijacking his dreams, his moods, and even his orderly no-strings-attached dating life—beginning the night his mentoring activities move between the sheets.  -Goodreads

My Thoughts
The third full length offering in the Beautiful Bastard series gets off to a bit of an unorthodox start as readers find themselves thrown smack dab into the middle of what might best be described as a workaholic's intervention.
It seems that  Hannah Bergstrom's well meaning, albeit uber intrusive father and older brother
feel that she spends too much time closeted away in her lab, and not enough experimenting with the fun side of life.
So...what is a loving brother to do?
Why, call his playboy bestie in to show his little sister the best time possible!

This book lives up to the sexiness and romance of it's predecessors; while managing to bring a fresh innocence to the story of Hanna and Will.
The fact that these two do all they can to remain friends in the face of the overwhelming passion that consumes their every waking moment; gives this book a very "first blush" feel.
Hannah's seductive naivety draws readers  in, making them long to witness her awakening under the tutelage of one very skilled Dr. Sumner.

For all of  you fans of Ryan, Max, Sara, and Chloe...there are just appearances from each of them to keep you sated.
As always, the story is told from alternating his/hers points of view and is always adorned with that beautiful happily every after bow that the writers of this series tie so well.

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