"The Redhead Revealed" Her Inner Pissed Off Six Year Old

The Redhead Revealed (Redhead, #2) Title:  The Redhead Revealed
(Redhead #2)
Author:  Alice Clayton
Format:  ERC
Length:  228 pages
Publisher: Gallery Books
Rating:  3 Stars

As their careers catch fire, Grace and Jack -- everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed, funny, and feisty couple -- find themselves on opposite coasts. Grace has landed in New York City, where she loves being onstage again, particularly because she’s playing a fabulous character in a musical written by her old college flame, Michael. Their rekindled friendship makes exploring the city that much more fun.

Wait, it’s just friendship, right?

Meanwhile, in L.A., Jack can scarcely keep up with the swirling throngs of women who track him everywhere he goes, the endless press appearances, and the ridiculous rules his manager, Holly, keeps concocting for him -- all part of the buildup to the release of Time, his steamy new film.

Thank goodness for phone sex.

But even when their schedules allow them to connect, Grace and Jack must keep their relationship off the radar and away from paparazzi cameras. Sure, the sex is sensational, but can this duo survive swirling rumors, the demands of their chosen professions, Grace’s raging internal battles, and a whopping nine-year age difference?

Tick-tock, the clock is ticking. Isn’t it?

Alice Clayton brings the second installment of a tale told with her magical mix of humor and heat, so cuddle up under the sheets and flip on the Golden Girls. Grace and Jack are at it again. -Goodreads

My Thoughts
Oh no...say it isn't so!
The witty and charming Grace Shariden, who stole the hearts of  both readers and the yummy Brit boy toy, Jack Hamilton, in The Unidentified Redhead has officially morphed into suicidal Bella Swan from New Moon.  Only in the case of our dear "nuts girl" her and Jack's parting will not save anyone's life, and there is no uber sexy werewolf by her side to distract pissed off readers when her moping and self deprecation reach asinine levels.
Oh...the horror!
Yes Grace...we know that you are older than Jack!
Yes Grace...we know that you feel insecure in the face of his fame.
Yes Grace...we know that you still haven't said good-bye to the "fat girl drawers" in the back of your panties stash.

You don't have to spend 60% of the book telling us these things repeatedly!

Not to worry though...there is the blessed epiphany at around 70%,  Dorthy does make it safely home and cuteness once again ensues.

This book is far from the Grade A romance and comedic snark that Alice Clayton fans know and love.
Thankfully, this is a second book and there is the prospect of better things!

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