Will You Or Won't You Play Loyal Subject In The Court of "The Fetish Queeen"

The Fetish Queen, Part One: Reborn Title:  The Fetish Queen:  Reborn
Author:  Nicole Camden
Format:  ERC
Publisher:  Pocket Star
Rating:  3 Stars

Newly single and loving every minute, Lille—a.k.a. the Fetish Queen—is unleashed and ready to dominate in the first chapter of the sexy, enticing Fetish Queen series.

Blond, buxom, and bold, pin-up girl Lillehammer Marceaux can get any man she wants, but she leaves her fiancé to move to Florida and run a sex shop called The Fetish Box, owned by her best friend. She immediately clashes with Max Jobman, the rough-hewn tattooed Irishman who owns the local pub. Not a very trusting man, Max is convinced she’s a spoiled beauty who’ll stay just long enough to find a rich husband. He quickly learns that Lille isn’t interested in a husband; she’s focused on making the business a success—but that doesn’t stop her from thinking about what an excellent lover Max will make…

What neither Max nor Lille realizes is that her efforts to become the Fetish Queen, which include making a type of reality show, have caught the attention of a dangerous figure from Lille’s past. Will her troubled past come back and drag her down, or will the Fetish Queen get her way?  -Goodreads

My Thoughts

What we have here is another case of a publisher going novella happy.
While the story in an of itself is fine...if not a little predictable in direction. The real problem in reviewing works that are parts of an unfinished whole...is just that!
They are unfinished. At this point in The Fetish Queen...
All I can truly say is that I will have to wait until later installments to offer a true and complete opinion.
Until then, a little emotional depth on the part of Lille would be nice. She reads as quite the cold fish.
Meanwhile, Mary aka "the supportive best friend" couldn't read as more of an emotional marshmallow if StayPuff had whipped her up himself.

Her conquests are just too easy for words. This story gives the reader the impression that there is going to be a "thrill of the chase" type hunt. Complete with
Lille as the triumphant goddess, and Max, her feisty prey.
What readers get is half that. Lille is that goddess, however, after only the slightest use of her charms; her hapless quarry has chosen to surrender himself on her porch with a nice note. (The scenario I have just described is metaphorical of course)
A novella is in essence, a short story. There is no room for the lengthy set up and small village worth of characters that come into play here.
This is especially true in a book that is as genre specific as the one discussed.
Please do not take my critique to mean that this book is not worthy of a read!
That is not the case at all.
The chemistry between Max and Lille is of the charts, and the sex is great too...when you finally get there.

Here's hoping that book two rectifies some of the issues of book 1.
I am more than certain that when all the pieces of this literary puzzle come together, the resulting image will be a beautiful one.

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