"Deeply In You" An Erotic Foray Into the Realm of Historical Fiction

Deeply In You (The Wicked Dukes, #1)
 Title:  Deeply In You

(Book #1 Wicked Dukes Series)
Author:  Sharon Page
Format:  ERC
Length:  384 pages
Publisher:  Aphrodisia
Rating:  4.5 Stars

Anxious to save her brother from debtor's prison, Helena Winsome agrees to find proof that the Duke of Greybrooke is a traitor. Well aware of his wicked ways, she takes on the guise of a demure governess. But his smoldering sensuality overwhelms her—as does his vow to make her his lover, a scandalous promise that leaves her weak with desire. . .

Sexual Seduction

Darkly handsome and powerfully seductive, the Duke of Greybrooke is a man of deep passion. When the lovely Miss Helena Winsome turns down an offer to become his mistress, Grey takes on the challenge. He'll expose Helena to the erotic thrill of carnal pleasure and tease her senses until all she can do is beg for more. . .  -Goodreads

My Thoughts
The story of Helena and her roguishly handsome duke begins not with her side, but with his.
It seems that the Duke of Greybrooke has quite the reputation among the ladies of the ton.  There are also rumors that Duke Greybrooke's treachery is not limited to undercover affairs of the carnal sort.  
Helena is undertaking an undercover operation of her own. Charged with the task of confirming rumors that Greybrooke is a traitor to England, lest her brother go to prison.  
Acting as Helen Winsome, prim and proper governess to Duke Greybrooke's sister's children,
and possibly his newest target of conquest...Helena must walk the knife's edge between lies and the truth to get the answers she seeks before it's too late. 

Though it seems that Helena is caught between a rock and a hard place, with a mystery man hounding her for information and her brother facing the threat of prison.  She shows herself to be a strong and intelligent woman of action.  Even going so far as saving the dashing duke from the horrors of a flying chamber pot.
Being unafraid to face what comes is a trait that makes Helena a character to watch.  This trait is in fact a driving force behind the plot of the read.  
With Helena being such a strong character out of the bedroom, authoress Sharon Page is very careful to give Greybrooke an unquestioned supremacy behind closed doors.
As the story progresses, and things between Helena and Greybrooke heat up, the shift of power from her to him becomes evident in a most sensually decadent fashion.
The sex scenes found here are, in a word...HOT!  Ranging from sweet and tentative to spanking and bondage play, each foray into the physical between these two, both ups  the interest level for the reader and the emotional connection between the lovers.

The emotional ties that bind Helena and her lordly lover become increasingly important outside of their love nest, as the wolves at the door come to stake their claim.
As secrets are revealed on all sides, and battle lines are drawn.  Readers are finally able to see the daring Greybrooke come into his own as the man that Helena deserves.

The only weakness to be found in this tale, is the ambiguity of the blackmailer.  Because that aspect of the story is of such import to its basis, more attention should have been paid to his back story, and he should not be allowed to become the bothersome gnat that he is for such a large portion of the read.

Deeply In You is a wonderful blend of the Historical Romance and Erotica genres.  This book could serve as a great introduction for mainstream romance fans into the world of the erotic.

**This read is recommended for audiences 18+ due to sexual situations.

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