"The Appetites of Girls" Offers a Dramatic Banquet of Food For Thought

The Appetites of GirlsThe Appetites of Girls by Pamela Moses
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The Appetites of Girls is an eye opening look into the lives of four women, spanning transformative happenings in their youth, college years, and early adult careers. As readers are given the opportunity to explore and ponder the intricacies of each of the lives presented; a definite pattern emerges. Each of the young women featured here mirrors their relationships with family, lovers, career, and fulfillment with there relationship with food.
Whether it be eating as little as possible in order to eat smaller portions in order to fulfill a perceived role in a relationship, or to not outshine a sibling. Using food to fill an emptiness left by a loss. Turning the act of eating into a regime built on control, to compensate for a time when control was forcibly taken. Or living a life of bounty but never truly allowing one's self to enjoy said abundance.
This book and the stories found herein echo the hopes, fears, and anxieties of a great majority of today's women.
Women of today, living the paradox between our authentic wants, feelings, desires, and goals, and those imposed on us by family, spouses, society, and ourselves.
Brimming with a personal emotionality that gets inside of readers, authoress Pamela Moses speaks to that part of her audiences where secrets are hidden.
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