Continue The Sensuality and Secrets With Red & Wolfe pt.3

Title:  Red & Wolfe (part 3)
Author:  Ella James
Format:  Kindle
Length:  55 pages
Publisher:  Ella James
Rating:  5 Stars
My Thoughts
Authoress Ella James wields her mighty pen for a third time; managing to silence all detractors with a mix of mind-blowingly intense sensual scenes and complex story elements.

The Story
With the emotional bond between Wolfe and his Red growing ever more intense; hiding the secrets of
 his past is fast becoming impossible.

Red is sure that things with the man that she is fast coming to know, but not trust, are getting too hot to handle both in and out of the bedroom.
It is the thrall of her undeniable attraction to said man, and NOT the whispered warnings against the looming threat of his demons, that is leaving Red unable to say no.
The stakes for both Red and her Wolfe have never been higher.  Both walking the razor's edge between passion and possession...magic and madness.

Adding flame to an already raging fire, is the fact that the sex between these two has never been 
hotter.  With Wolfe, the perfect dom, leading Red, his most compliant sub, down the less traveled path to BDSM bliss.

The Last Word
The Red & Wolfe erotic serial is quickly establishing Miss James as a mistress of storytelling, gifted with a unique voice and a dedication to her craft which sets her apart as a stellar exception to the literary norm.

*Reviewer's Note*
Due to sexual scenes of an extremely explicit nature; this book is recommended for adult readers only.

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