"For Her Spy Only" Proves That Sometimes Secrets Can Hold The Key To Something Wonderful

Title:  For Her Spy Only
Author:  Robyn DeHart
Format:  ERC
Length:  103 pages
Publisher:  Entangled/Scandalous
Rating:  5 Stars

England, 1814 

When Winifred is rescued from her snow-stranded carriage by the notorious and reclusive Alistair, Marquess of Coventry, she is instantly drawn to him. Jilted by her betrothed and socially ruined by untrue rumors, Winifred is tired of paying for crimes she didn't commit and decides to play the seductress London society claims she is. Thinking a night of passion shouldn't leave any lasting effects, she instead finds her heart marked forever. 

Six years later, Alistair is working for the Regent as a spy. A search for Napoleon's English supporters leads him to the beguiling Winifred, recently widowed with a young son. He hasn't forgotten how the unconventional beauty warmed his bed, and the heat between them rekindles immediately. The spymaster is determined to uncover all of plucky Winifred's secrets. Especially the one regarding her son...

My Thoughts
When Winifred Wilmington meets the dashing yet mysterious Alistair, Marquess of Coventry, she finds herself instantaneously attracted to the secretive and intense man.
So attracted in fact, that when he alludes to thoughts of the ravishment of her virtue, she is more than willing to see to it that he makes good on his jest.
What she nor he realize is that the nights of blazing passion that they share will have far reaching effects on both their lives and their hearts.

Authoress Robyn DeHart strikes again.  This time coupling brazen and undeniable passion with secrets of a more personal nature.
In both Winifred and her dashing leading man, we find people unfairly maligned by the ravages of societal gossip and scandal.
He, because of a tragedy surrounding his late wife.  She, because of vicious lies told by the man who left her at the altar.
Because this is a novella, the pacing of the story is relatively fast.  When the intensity of the feelings that the two main characters share is taken into account however, one is very glad for the breakneck pace of this read.
The sensual elements in this story are first rate.  While the sex between these two is a thing of beauty to read.  It is the emotional connection that the desire cloaks, that serves as the clincher for readers.
The jewel buried within this tale is not the relationship shared by Alistair and Winifred, but in a secret that the two share.
It is because due to the discovery of said secret that these two are finally able to merge their hearts.  Thereby tying a most unforgettable "happily ever after" bow.

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