It's The Same Old Romance In "Different Dreams"

Title:  Different Dreams
Author:  Tory Cates
Format:  Print
Length:  293 pages
Publisher:  Pocket Star
Rating:  3 Stars

In the second book in a new Western romance series by Rita Award nominee Tory Cates, a woman struggles to keep the ranch she’s worked so hard for—against a man who melts her heart.

Malou Sanders has always felt most comfortable in the world of animals and chosen their company over that of men. So when land developer Cameron Landell threatens to sell the Texas ranch where she keeps the troop of Japanese monkeys she’s studying, Malou decides to fight to save the animals. Then Malou confronts Cameron under the sweltering desert sun, and from the moment she looks into his thickly lashed dark eyes, her resolve melts. Soon her hopes for professional acclaim are replaced by a different dream. But one lingering doubt is still keeping Malou from Cameron’s arms…and her dreams from coming true.  -Goodreads

My Thoughts
What we have in the case of Different Dreams, is a very sweet and very lovable instance of  "been there...done that".
Big bad land developer comes to claim what's his, and ends up displacing (insert species here)_____.
In the process finding the love of his life in the form of put upon, bleeding heart, and knockout beauty (insert rugged damsel here)_____.
What comes as a welcome shock however, is that the research done on said species, in the case macaques, and the interest level that their part in the plot provides; is just the lifeline that this otherwise formulaic storyline needs.
The romance between Cameron and Malou lends itself to the insta-love category, but it is also very "knight in shining Escalade"
Just as with every " you, me, and the wild life" romance; this too is tied with a very warm and fuzzy "we are the world" bow at tale's end.

This is a very quick and sweet read.  Perfect for a day at the beach, or a quick escape from the everyday.

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